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  1. Hi, I'm still looking for some answer about the why burn event that just ended. Rewards will be send next week and i'm wondering how it will work, especially the clan ranking part. > If u were in a clan that won a reward at the end of the event will u get the prize even if u left/were expelled ? > On the opposite way if u join a ranked clan this week will u get the reward even if u weren't in it last week ? TLDR : @Sunshine sorry to insist but i really would like to get some insights on how things will be done
  2. @Sunshine ? could you pls give us some infos about this ?
  3. @Sunshine, about that part could u explain us how exactly it will work ? Especially the clan part ? For example if i change clan now that event has ended to join one with a lower rank will i lose the reward won by the clan when i was part of it ?
  4. Well nobody ever said that However it is quite legitimate at a new server launch to have questions about class balance and diversity especially considering : - it was a known issue during classic launch - half of messages u can fin about essence emphasis this issue About the 15 years things well it's kinda wrong, i would say it's more a 2 year rotation and : - it somehow gets better over time - it's not L2 best mechanic
  5. Ok thxs for this detailed answer. It looks like archers are close to classic setup, or h5 yeah. Not the best time though... I know they will be quite bad at start but i'm not sure i'll get the motivation to start at fotm class which don't really hype just to wait updates... Sws could be an alternative though, kinda miss C3/C4 time when they were polyvalent, active and actually useful.
  6. I failed to find concrete differences between archer races on essence except some input on kamaels. Is there any real concrete classes differences between the 4 ?
  7. I read here and there that class balance was a huge problem. Is it also true that aside kamael for farming, all archer classes are close to useless ? no one stands out a little bit ? I got nothing agaitn dk or titan but it does bother me a little to be cornered between two classes
  8. Favorite Class : yul ghost sentinel Used to be swordsinger though when their rôle was more active. Nick : hikizune Server : chronos
  9. Actually, i did pay attention, it's just that i did not try again on dualclass. Kinda think that obtain nothing/useless/future useless items is only fun for a while
  10. Is that fact 100% sure ? I mean considering that for me the bug of being rewarded with team leader gift box came each time from taking the buff while on dual class under 105, can u assure me that i won't be scammed again and be rewarded with 0 items by doing so ? On another note don't know of you noticed but you didn't answered about the whole lost boxes/reward compensation thing.
  11. Hope wasn't too high but still... @Juji @Hime do you consider it's fair practice to just erase player's game rewards ? They're not from our region... ok, but no word about it, no compensation, nothing... wow u don't even try It kinda tells players event was badly calibrated, some of you got unusable stuff but, hey, we don't care...
  12. Ok, And ? Will it be some kind of replacement or anything ? I mean 1 got 3 times heine coupons and 1 time 2k spiritshots so i would feel a little bit scammed if you're were only erasing the items... It's not really my fault if the game provides me item i can't use but it becomes my problem when it takes my "reward" without any kind of counterpart. An equivalent amount of proper lara box would do the job though.
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