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  1. bad analogy, before kamael update i had vip gifts, then when kamael update got implemented, i got VIP gifts replaced with the kamael version.
  2. hmm i sent a ticket already but ill point it out anyway i have VIP 4 Gifts from previous version, and with the update of vip tiers they didn´t change and don´t give any VIP coins.
  3. Instead of “put target’s mind at peace. Decreasing their aggression”. Now it’s like an agro for cardi/bishops LMAO! Please fix @Juji @Hime
  4. Arcana Lord Binding Cubic

    yo dude! once the cubic attacks it has a 15 secs (? im not completly sure cause somehow they removed the buff/debuff indicator from mobs D:!) till the debuff activates i hope i helped =P
  5. Server Fix !

    +1! Dont forget about Gemstones A on the weapons (A) to socket Runes ... they used to be 5 and its pointed as "a known issue".... almost a year and nothing about it.... its almost impossible for me to get one from drops, the only way is the market , but jeeez man 108 gemstones A for 1 Rune.......its sad....
  6. A Grade Weapon & Runes

    +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPOSIBRUUUU TO FARM FOR ME DX! Also its pointed as a "known issue"... D:!!!!
  7. I wanted to quote this but didnt know how to, so. Frozenstein: "You make more money when you care about the game"