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  1. NCSOFT please at least read this post. You're hunting grounds are majorly packed. People have to look for 30 min to 1 hr to get a spot in you're zones. This for one, needs to be changed. Secondly, besides the clan quests on the keys, good luck getting a spot in those zones that you have set up. Thank you for your Instances, expand your zones on mobs or give more instances.
  2. Can Juji do anything but slam this guy? Not acceptable people. for NC to do all these downtime's. Im Glad I didnt buy a Rune this month. Compensation Juji? Yeah when on Christmas.. ? You keep promising and never deliver. It is not fare to the folks that pay NCsoft their hard earned cash. Get with the program. Bring back the catas also. The bot problem seems 2 not go away... He gave you legitimate questions and you got mad and sunk him... Player appreciation award well overdo and its not just for Angel Cat or GM Buffs. You need 2 be better.
  3. Unreal. The downtime on these servers. We never got compensation from before. No one buy any Ncoin. This needs 2 be stopped.
  4. Yeah GM Buffs would be great JuJI. There hasn't been any GM Buffs since this major update nor was there any for Christmas or New Years. It would be much appreciated by all players if we could have some. Many Thanks
  5. Unacceptable. All the money Ive spent on Ncoin and Runes running. Buffs are nice from NC however you are wasting hours of our time. Something more has to be done this time. Also, Your prices in the NCStore are crazy expensive.
  6. You have got to be kidding me. 6 Hours of Downtime, there is no excuse for this. NCSOFT Hire more help if your having such a hard time keeping the server running.
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