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  1. Banned accounts for no reason

    We have a clan member who cannot turn on his LG Keyboard software, because NC flags it as suspicious. On my wifes computer Spotify got flagged. Now these are assumptions that it is in fact these programs; because after stopping their processes / disabling them on start up/ etc... the client worked without an issue, what as you say, " Xignwhatever's" it is really looking for, I am unable to say since I don't work for / nor have I spoken to or worked for Xign. There is also evidence in other video games of their AI falsely banning players based off of their algorithm. Link 1, Older Link but it is "Xignwhatever's", Link 3 another "Xignwhatever's", Link 4, Etc I just googled this. My only point is, and has been, that the Man made, software is inherently open to flaws. Albeit some harder to believe than others. Im not going to entertain the rest since you are just picking a fight at this point Edit: Should move this to PM's per the user request.
  2. Just confirmed that Location 1 (Home) for me is unaffected, Location 2 (Office Environment) Is affected. Same city, just a few miles apart.
  3. Edit...................... Like most others, Power Cycling, Flushing DNS, Releasing and renewing IP haven't worked. Seeing how I am able to login from one location, and not another dictates that it is some form of authentication / communication error (network / program / or other). Another thing to note is that every time I try to reconnect it says that my account is still currently in use (even after waiting several minutes). Ironically enough I play from a laptop, so that rules out hardware Just means gotta wait till I get home I feel for those who haven;t found a work around.
  4. So, idk if this helps, though from two separate locations within the same city, I am getting 2 different results. Location 1: 3 clients logged in, no problem. Log out 1 Location 2: Logged out client tries to log in, doesn't work... 2 other clients in location 1 still working. Remote into location 1: relog client 1 in, no problem. Problem is isolated to Location 2. The main differences here are the networking infrastructure. At location 2 I have a lot of Firewalls and port forwarding needing to be done, and location 1 is nearly wide open. So, it could be a setting in the Modem, router, firewall, and (or) switch that is causing this issue. Will do some troubleshooting see if it goes anywhere.
  5. [Gludio] - Clan Unrest

    Friendly Bump ^^
  6. So.... Just keep in mind the general population since games have come out have taken a liking for games that are easier than harder. Look at some of the insane levels in some of the 2d games that were invented with limited retries etc. Now the overwhelming majority of games allow infinite respawns and easier content (overall). So, back to your points. 1. Adena for normal players as a group cannot even pay for porting or gear. This server settings are so low I know of several people that quit and went back to core/live/skelth I have leveled a toon to 52 / 49 / 49 / 46 and helped my wife get to 48. Through this we have had to face the same challenges as other players, one of which being Adena and another being TP's. Despite multiple veterans telling players what they need to hear, not what they want to hear on how to plan and maintain your economy, this keeps coming up. No one is going to tell you how or what they do precisely on the forms so that other people can obtain a better experience. The general gist of this goes like, find out what people are buying, find the best farm spot for that, and hunt it... Sell it for profit, make sure your set up can hunt it effectively, if not... hunt something you can for less till you can hunt something of better value. You cannot expect to hit 20 without any effort and have top D, the same can be said for 40 and C, 52 and B.... etc. Sure some people are having great luck and getting drops left and right, while others dont see drops for ages, though if you plan your hunting spots, you can maintain your economy and afford to TP. With the patch of paid tp's or Anchorment day as I call it, I struggled at first too, till I planed out where and how I wanted to hunt. Though I do agree, this is one of the hardest version of Lineage I have played to my working memory xD. 2. Drop rates and spoil rates of normal items and spell books etc are extremely low. To be fair, when I played on release ages ago... I didn't see a full drop for about 9 months, I am including ng in this. 3. bots are rampant, and random non-bot people are getting banned instead. (I would beg to disagree with NC that hundreds of people since xincode was added spamming forums about wrongly banned were all or most lying.) This needs to be addressed immediately. 4. Random server lag, shot lag, crashes, login problems. They literally had years to prepare and classic servers from korea/japan/russia/eu to reference fixes. This needs to be addressed immediately. 5. General lack of care about its customers, this company has is and has been a money pit, and when theres a problem its all automated responses. Deleting peoples posts on forums to hide the dissent and complaints. Etc. The vast majority of posts that they have to entertain are so overwhelmingly toxic, that while I do not agree with it, I understand it. Now this does stem from an apparent lack of ability to community freely from their team with the player base. those are my opinions, the server numbers don't lie. when wow classic launches later this summer, mark my word these server populations will drop in half. it will be 1k real players and 1.5k bots on TI and Giran. I do agree with the fact that numbers are declining and there doesn't seem to be a real floor yet.... despite this, durring the previous event number of logins on Gludio went up by about 30%, impossible to know for sure how many were botters though.
  7. Is it the beginning of the End?

  8. Banned accounts for no reason

    Not taking them at their word either, I am sure full evaluations were preformed and the proper course of action was taken. Though this does not mean that was not a possibility in where their program flagged other programs incorrectly causing false bans. To which I am sure, the honest people were un-banned, and those that were in-fact cheating remained banned. Though to willfully negate the possibility that their system could potentially cause people to have their accounts, shall we say, "Temporarily suspended," due to internal problems.... is just a concept I cannot share. Anything man made can make mistakes, that's my entire point.
  9. Banned accounts for no reason

    I wouldn't assume that all players are banned justifiably, just like I wouldn't assume all appealers are botters. The only thing I get from your current post is that you are missing the point. Please reread our dialogue and let me know when you understand the point.
  10. Why Lineage Loss People

    My apologies, when I said forms I meant support, though yeah, I will edit it. Edit: Never mind, looks like edits are time locked.
  11. Well, that I can't say for sure.
  12. Why Lineage Loss People

    The only reason you record it vs a SS is that a video is clear evidence of botting, a picture is static. We have recorded bots running back and forth between adena drops and they arent on the server any more.
  13. Banned accounts for no reason

    https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/4913-accounts-closed-for-illegal-third-party-programs/ Just going from the information that has been public. Zynx Members 5 28 posts Report post Posted October 10, 2018 False. You reported this to my email saying I was using a third party program. Razer Synapse has been just a natural download I've had with my computer! I didn't know it was considered a third party program. I dont think thats reasonable to ban someone for having Razer Synapse. I've sent numerous emails about this and not 1 response after saying my account would be closed. There are multiple players using bots or adena selling yet you find a way to ban someone with razer synapse instaled...THAT was your security system fault that you will refuse to fix. Just like you haven't fixed anything else.
  14. Banned accounts for no reason

    The account can be active for 1 minute and while using something that it deems as a violation it will trigger a ban (this is my understanding). People have been banned for razer synapse..