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  1. Hence the " ", Honestly I agree they butchered this version, though there is not point in going all out, they will lose their remaining client base. The way I see it, they have a looping macro version already in effect and its on Live. They are currently offering this loop free version, though still its not what most of us want.
  2. I dont see why they dont merge Aden and Gludio, roll back the remaining server, lets face it.... merging them wont occupy both. Start fresh and add a sub model to the remaining one with no shop. Honestly what would they have to lose? I too grew up with the game and I wish it would go back to what it once was.
  3. It is unfortunate that they don't have a gm log in and handle the situation. Wouldn't take more than 30 min a day hitting various GK's.
  4. I don't violate eula, and wouldn't tell anyone too. though turn off decrease performance and it won't slow down your other clients. Frankly I had an invite macro set up with delays, and just moved the mouse when tabbing was to much. for the other clients grab the other keyboard + mouse and repeat. It sounds like you just have a crap set up and want to make it easier without effort. I played with 2 keyboards on my lap and one on my desk + on another desk the other mouses and I would spin when needed. Though if you have it set up properly this wouldn't be an issue. Looping Macros is soft bo
  5. Check the forms, I have 3 comps. Also, its 3 per computer, Cry wolf all you like.
  6. Split screens? Invest in 2 monitors? Play at a higher Resolution? I ran 7 clients on 3 screens. Looping macros will result in many players leaving.
  7. @Aurinya Can you please provide an Estimated Time of Resolution (ETR) for those that are still logging in? @Hime Hasn't made a post since wednesday and it is quite alarming. @Juji is there anyone who can provide any kind of update as to what's going on? Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Hime replied to Hime's topic in General Live Discussion
  8. This has to be the nicest request on here. I would like to see some form of answer to this
  9. People are missing the point, though what can you expect. They are still logging in, probably paying for those items, and now they want to get to end game. Hence why they beg kick scream and moan for the exp events. Though I would say why not at this point? Get everyone to end game. With the addition of P2W the server is going to be hurting with actual players.... So why not get them all in the same basket? This way it will be easier for them to notice the same 25-200 people...
  10. Lmao anyone who bots, deserves what they get. So if you bot on alts / your box / main, and then complain about a ban... you are literally the worst type of person.
  11. They just need to have someone log in and literally sit at a GK for 1 hour a day. Even 30 min, and the problem will be solved.
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