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  1. Pk chaotic players.

    Sooo on servers that are low population like Aden/Giran where the RMT / Russian Money traders (adena traders for RL money) have almost taken over fully the servers (clan T/ Oo/ GnomoSexual on Aden Classic) un apposed by NCSoft, are killing all the bosses, special bosses, taking the castles, Heros, with all OE gear etc and using adrenaline like its a pastime of Russia. To prevent anyone from leveling, catching up to them, or doing bosses the have created a small army of Reds all 78-80s takes them less than a week using the OE gear they use to make new ones. Can anything be done NCSoft? Pretty sure if the Russian bosses knew that their people were forcing people off the server and effecting their bottom line that they would common sense business wise stop. Its effecting NCsofts bottom line no one wants to participate in cash grabs if playability due to money seller pks makes the game unplayable on the servers, why invest in a game where you cant raid/siege/lvl without dying by adrenaline power bots in their 80s every 30min owned by the Russians. Shouldn't have to pay a 3rd party to not pk your grps in game.. Steps can be taken with little effort like remove exp loss from Red/Chaotic till under control. Allow people to lvl up Toi trinket without fail like live retail to fight back, you guys went over kill on this fail crap in classic version. Make the lvl difference anti pk buff permanent or last 12hrs per cast / or gainable via player interface without going to town. Remove insta teleport ability for reds. Give Reds a dmg/def penaltys, esp if unicorn summoners etc a naked summoner should never hit you for over 2k a tick. If you have a party killing zaken/ in 14mins or less that's less than 14people there should be flags,elites/core/ant mins and downing a normal boss in seconds? Common sense NCsoft my god. This atm is just bad business to retain player who pay for your money grabs. Any other company or MMO would take some action to help the players who fund their games against a 3rd party gold seller taking over their game,, And I have tested for NCsoft for decades, this is some of the worst I have seen it anywhere. @Juji @Hime Someone somewhere is either not doing their job or getting kickbacks.
  2. Scavengers need some love from Devs

    Ya dual daggers was sick for scavys since they lack most utility dps wise makes.them not wanted in raids or instances, esp since no dual class forces them to be 24/7 spoiler, and no golem even so dps on scavy at all.for endgame utility is poop. Meenwhile sumoner cats can 2shot grp npcs power lvl grps of 9. Needs ballenced and fixed. They did ballence the encase Spike issue though so scavys have a little use. I fully agree scavys need to be able to spoil backwards though, esp on low pops like aden where there are few. Makes no sense master scavenger cant spoil an elpy. But can a giant demon lvl 80. Makes people roll scavys for all bracket lvls gets complicated. Paird with garbage spoil rates makes it one of the more dead.classes for classic that NCsoft doesnt seem to love or care about. @Juji
  3. Esp if olympiad is starting tomorrow...a Saturday, but is every Friday Saturday lol
  4. @Juji can we fix the server time/clock while it's down? Got busted a few patches back now half the people are confused on when things are. Used to be pst, always and was a stable math time change point, now it's all over minuts rocket by and nothing ever matches up.
  5. Spoil Crush???

    It's basically another spoil, but with overhit, and can crit.....but still garbage because spoil is so nerfed in the first place, doesn't really crush like it says, no added dmg, or stun, or anything like armor crush. They need to remove lower lvl limitations on spoil esp on low pop servers so us lvl 80ish can go back without lvling another dwarf. @Juji
  6. What about 3 client limit?

    Honestly I like that it's removed, keep it how it is now everyone loves it, run as much as your pc can take, Just earns NCsoft more $$ in the long run. And best of all it lvls the playing fields with the big bot clans and the RMT so now any group can contend and survive. Unless your in a big adrenaline bot clan or a RMT then it's prob annoying as fk that people are competing finally. But rest at ease your paid for software is far better and can be mapped, multi macroed. NCsofts is like baby botting for beginners. But hopefully it gets an upgrade and puts adrenaline out of business.
  7. You can google it, check fan sites, watch youtube it's not complicated for someone who actually played prelude "over the age of 20" when it launched, tested the game prior, as well as others for this company, and beyond.. Nor is it a fairy tail. The only time after launch adena for ports was slightly high/stupid high they fixed it and lowered it down to be more realistic very quickly. ""Remember the original Devs used to play the game to, on non GM accounts, hang out in voice coms with older players and testers, or just walk around on the GM ones, and could feel the suck"" and adjust/reported problems they felt and saw. Progressive mp regen while seated was actually a thing, the game had far less down time, not complicated or hard to verify for someone not trying to just be a troll.
  8. Travel: So I know/acknowledge it's not the real classic version mainly completely different staff who never touched the original, but in OG days it never ever cost this much to teleport from city to city after 41, it remained low in cost few hundo tops. The travel rates being charged in Classic now are closer to current live version where account are old inflated and most people are loaded. Not here where it's new and closer to OG most avg person is broke. Can't go farm if it cost you more to port than 3 days of SS or BSS to get there. Then you can't afford to purchase gear. With the rate of kills at 41 the adena gain is no where close to covering travel expenses. NCsoft is pushing out farmers that kept this balanced, but at the same time nuking the economy a bit to much. MP regen: It was never this horrific in classic, you could get buffed and farm for like 20mins easy as mele, and there was a seated progression the longer you sit the faster it regens 4,10,20,40,60,100, and so on . So it was decent for solo plays. Right now it's geared heavily more towards grp and burst, but everyone goes oom unless you have mana batteries in the party. Those old hidden numbers that are missing/lost from original classic now made a massive gameplay difference. SP gain: seen this a lot on forums but it is lower that original where when you lvled up you could buy several skills all the way past lvl 100 from lvl 1. Problem most people are complaining on here now is you lvl up and might get a single skill, or none at first class transfer. From friends in there late 50s /60s after late 50s is does correct itself at later point and you start not scrimping as hard. But was never this harsh in original classic. This kind of bottlenecks a characters ability to lvl at their lvl unless carried for a while. Messed up part about these is you can look up/google/youtube original classic vids that show this working properly with proper balancing. That should of been already hotfixed during a weekly reboot. With the amount of original players complaining on forums about these same topics, should of been a top priority. Keep in mind NA is not Korea, or RU, or EU. Which tend to get a lot more gimmes/fixes and work on there behalf and by their playstyles.