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  1. Really? It's fine. I've got a +10 top D crossbow. Emi bows are actually worth using now for farming. Just get a damn C grade and move on. It's a fine change.
  2. Could you please check to see what drops the blessed D grade soulshot recipe?
  3. If we can’t have an active GM in game to verify bots and ban... Having these transformations available would be helpful to combat the bot problem. Please add that to the discussion with the DEVs. If we can’t be policed by an admin, let us police ourselves in this way. I personally PK 5-10 bot ponies daily when I’m in the wasteland on a lowbie account. But that only works for an hour, before they resummon. Higher levels can only be mob trained, but they’ll come right back to the same spot shortly after.
  4. Use your nuke and play like a mage until 52ish or even higher. Recharge your mana with the cat. It’s just a much faster way of killing. It would be smarter to go elf summoner. They’re similar but elf will be better late game. But if you must be human, so be it. You would also be wise to lv up a buffer with you. Either SE or PP. PP for sure if you want to do physical later. Due to the XP bonus of having 2 in party, it’s well worth it. Over enchanted Cursed maingauche is all you need for quite a while. Don’t use -str dye if you want to deal physical damage. Light armor if you plan o
  5. Why doesn’t the staff respond to every complaint and issue that’s going on? 80% (arbitrary number) of posts chastise them in some way and offer zero worth to the conversation. Like a bunch of elementary school children, we play the blame game, and call each other names. Who wants to reply to that garbage? I do find that 20% (again arbitrary) make suggestions to the problem, not just whine relentlessly with nothing productive to add to the dialogue. Who here actually believes the “community managers” control the financial model of the game and all of the actions pertaining to actua
  6. So for the past 2 weeks, any account I have fishing, randomly D/C’s throughout the day. I own 9 accounts and have most of them logged in, sometimes 2-3 of them are fishing, the others are just standing around outside of town at my farming spot. After going to sleep or coming back home from work, the ones fishing in Aden are always D/C’ed, but the ones standing around afk are still in game. This cannot be coincidence due to the sheer number of times it has happened. Every fisher D/C’s while the nonfishing chars stay in and perfectly fine. I wouldn’t care that much, but I did buy 2
  7. Elven summoner is the best. You can’t argue against that, no matter how hard you try, especially 3rd class change. Plan ahead. If you do not go ES, you will regret it and be envious of them. Gear was mentioned before. Cursed maingauche for weapon or mage weapon. Light armor for PVP and mage set mostly for PVE.
  8. Keep your tyrant. Skills never miss. They can crit. Mana cost isn’t outrageous. Force storm is a ranged AOE that also overhits and will not hit flagged people on accident. Fists are generally a cheaper weapon to buy. Soulshot is cheaper than spiritshot. Did i mention that force storm is a ranged AOE that overhits? Yes, yes I did, but it’s worth mentioning twice. Force burst isn’t worth it atm. Just use the ranged lv 47 skill force storm. I own a sorc and play with my cousin SH. The tyrant is my #1 favorite to AOE to powerlevel toons with. Just a quick tidbit about me... all
  9. I’ve been afk in MRT a few times alt tabbed, when I came back 20-30 mins later, I had a “request trade” window pop up. I wasn’t trading anything or trying to. Which means there’s also either trade bots or just scammers spamming trade on people. It’s basically like fishing, they throw the line out into the water, and hope they get a bite. 1/1000 tries might land them a weapon or armor. It’s about as good odds as in game drop rates.
  10. Self sufficiency is a pretty good reason to play more than one account. I suggest making an artisan or spoiler on a new account, since both have access to a great aoe skill at 40. Or make a warlord. Artisan actually gets a pet too, so it’s extra free dps. Warlord is the most mana hungry, but also the safest to aoe with after 40. Nuker is great too, but skills never miss. The hardest part is getting a dedicated recharger/healer. You’ve got that already. Make the plunge and use two accounts. If not, you’re going to be slamming your head into the wall later.
  11. I’m having the same problem. I have 6 accounts that are mine alone, and 3 of them cannot log in on TI. Continuously get stuck at the log in server list, then when I close the client, it says “already connected” or whatever that message is. So you have to completely close out and relog again. Sometimes it’ll let me join Giran or Aden, but TI is continuously a problem. This is preventing me from doing the all important dailies as well.
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