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  1. Party Penalty Removal The 0 XP distribution penalty for having a character 15 levels or higher has been temporarily removed during the event period. is not working properly
  2. Look at the necklace names. You can't enchant it unless it's maxed level ̣(5). The one you get from exchanging Fragments is https://l2wiki.com/classic/Nebula's_Old_Necklace#Lv. 1. Then you have to maxed it to level 5 to be able to enchant (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Nebula's_Necklace#Sellers). Will cost you thousands of Fragments since the chance of going 4>5 is about the same as making lvl 5 pendant
  3. You get spellbook chest from clicking 2nd class change now. So don't worry about it. They will fill the market with all the bots getting 2nd prof.
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