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  1. Ohhhh, my bad, it was because of the app, probalby...
  2. Hello! When I wanted to exchange my weapon, at the red libra npc, I haven't found it, on the list. It's Limited Krishna Shaper. Al other weapons are there, except this,
  3. How can someone get it, if is already 105+? Fresh 105 lvl's get it...
  4. As far as I know, you get Atlas earring, when you finish your mentee training. So if someone is already over 105, won't be able to get this earring, unless you put it in the mentee npc's store. So this earring should be added to that list! Or maybe somehow distributed to the characters, who are already 105+.
  5. Hey guy, are you planning to give us some preview from the upcoming events, promos in december? It would be good to konw, what will we face in the holidays. ^^
  6. In the event description it's 2th october, but ingame it's 25th september. Which one is real?
  7. I have found it, I was in the wrong menu all along, it's kinda confusing. I see my weapon now on the list.. -,-
  8. For my submitted ticket, gm said: I can't upgrade augmented weapon, so I need to remove it. But in the patch notes or in L2wiki, it says that augment will be kept. Thanks for answers, btw!
  9. I wanted to check, what do I need to make my Bloody Kirhsa to Limited, but my weapon doesn't appear in the list of Aden bs Ferris, or Blacksmith Mammon. Its+10, 3sa, aug, app. Is this a bug?
  10. Thanks for the buffs, guys! Theye were nice.
  11. May we get some info on the upcoming events?
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