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  1. 5hours aprox with insane Lag.... .. friends from argentina / chile / brazil / blabla have the same problem.. lag and problems to loguin... tried 2 or 7 time to join game i dont know why...but maybe need restart server.
  2. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17950-suit-appearance/
  3. Damn... leave classic alone... classic and live are diferent servers... or you wanna cry for that too? Just play your server man.
  4. Only with that information, nobody can help you. Make some screenshot with character lvl (alt+T) and table skills. (alt+k) and maybe anybody can tell what are your problem.
  5. The most problem.. are the GM dont talk about this problem. and we have MONTHS waiting for solution... and fixed
  6. How many time we need to wait to fixed this problem ??? Eviserator have the half of attack speed. for months. Make 1 2 3 hit.. and take a break ( maybe 1 coffe) and 1 2 3 hit again... full time, I dont know if others class have the same problem. but really... MONTHS with the same problem... only work after server restart wednesday for 1 or 2 hours.... but.. all the time, until the other wednesday are broken....
  7. Juju Basic Stats general/advance/top are the same. "Recover Vitality slightly upon killing a monster" Thats no Are a trigger skill pasive... If u kill mob u get vp* its easy... now... you only get vp 1/10 or 1/20 mobs... thats its not normal. For that pepple get spam chat with "blablabla vp blablabla" check taht and fixed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pd: For the other homunculos you get trigger... but not are the same for juju "Proc P. Atk. boost on a normal attack" ------------------------
  8. you dont have idea about market. The ncoin give u cloack price.(included the lower insane chance + low character lvl without luck trying to do) and the ncoin are increased in the las time... for demands to get *pass time zone (coal get the best amount) and cocktail). yesterday i see cloack +7 for 18b and 19b for example. i dont know what are u talking about.... bloody weapons +12 are 5b more expensive... no 60b with your equation price... The ppl with 24b per day is the ppl who buy ncoin from the new players and give chance to equip. this is the balance paygame wanna --------------
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