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  1. Launcher

    nvm works now
  2. New Launcher problem

    Nvm - works now
  3. Launcher

    I only see a Blade and Soul icon. No L2 icon Do I have to have Blade and Soul installed in order to install L2?
  4. Legendary Scrolls

    Well why don't you make an enchantment service? Players would pay you adena to enchant their stuff. Why not? Also, I don't understand how come NcSoft didn't start renting gear already. Cloaks and greater jewels are very expensive and relying on whales is never a good strategy. Pick the most powerfull dd on the server, clone his items and give me the opportunity to feel king for a day! Ye I would pay 50$ to see how it is to be a god in L2 Naia for 1 day.
  5. Hello! Can somebody please share a text that explains the cursed sword event? I am new here... Also, do you guys know about any link with the Lineage2 rules of the game? Where it is written no bots allowed and other rules? They must be written somewhere, right? Kind regards, Vlad
  6. Cursed Sword Rewards

    Hi! Is there any manual/video/procedure on how this cursed sword thing works? I'm new here. Also, is there any Lineage2 manual I can look up for this kind of info? Lastly, is there any webpage with Lineage2 rules (what is allowed /not allowed) ?
  7. Naia DOWN

    This song!
  8. Oriana Event

    I don't understand how the coin rewards work. 2 days ago I used the clothes and got oriana coin at the end. Since then, I used clothes 3-4 times but did not get any coin since. Is there like a specific timeframe in which you can click to get coins?
  9. What is the max lvl when u can take noblesse quest ?