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  1. @Juji libria with jewel for event period greater and dragon weapon lvl1 =] because old weapon is useless now
  2. Put in red libria event item dragon weapon not 1 day and jewels greater .1lvl i
  3. But it was fixed in 4game too so 4game with premium 300k from mob with rune and premium MM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idqnxBXlJ8c 1kk FROM MOB trash archers 3kkk for hr okey?>
  4. Blessing of the giant don't work for summoner) i delete drum) fix it
  5. Who remember Atelia > a Before every spot 24/7 taken now is dead)
  6. Etis first i need kill helios,in afk II there is no part.
  7. Oh don't forget turn off you archer macros on IOS.
  8. Thx for nerf IOS because stupid arxher stay in 1 place and one shot 3 spots, fron now this tras must farm outside 500 adena from mob, cuz. Archer spot IOS nerfed finally
  9. Always 10 min 6 min cd with full buff no cd talisman etc
  10. I check one video from core server ertheia did 8kk to roba from skill! What you talking about))) fight for spot
  11. Will we have event so we can change main class because am done play feoh with 33% crit rate and low damage, I have +30% pve dmg rune + cloak passive and my dmg is so low for feo + in pvp archer is better. 30%pve dmg + 4kk wizard can't deal normal dmg,&&&??? Why tyrrss archer's daggers can, but not feoh how much i need dmg?? 10kk? more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRKAiKdOszE&feature=youtu.be Yesterday i did 6kk and i don't know what to do with that dmg
  12. Read black desrt online in yesterday update they say: depending on Korean player tests etc they do class changes balance mobs quest etc. So here is the same changes updates depending on Korean server not ru eu na.
  13. Mobs m def reduced but before update is better, now i can't farm(sh 106) 1200att 4kk m attack. Ty
  14. Why mammon box drop enchant scroll that no body buy? I think it must be changet to keys, because enchant chance is useless, staff disappear instead drop enchant lvl to 0. What I need to do with these scrolls?
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