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  1. I tried sending the "agathion ewa's" through mailbox to another character. Now they are stuck in mailbox and cannot cancel or retrieve them from the other character. Please fix this bug ASAP please. They are supposed to be exchangeable.
  2. This has been the WORST update yet. Removing the auto hunting only allows the bots to play now.
  3. Current 150% XP seems non existent Have an NPC spawn in each town for 20 minutes or add a reset daily 2x reward to NCstore (just like the 2x gift box that is horrible). #BringBackFioti @Juji @Hime
  4. The link provided is not included in any patch notes. Also, intended changes are guesses as we do not get the same changes as other regions. If everything was based on intended changes then why do we have energy drinks still for sale when those are supposed to be removed? I want my fish stew back or compensation, this is pure BS.
  5. After todays update, the summoners Beast Soulshots are not working on auto. They work off and on. Mostly off. Tried restarting client multiple times and still an issue. Is this a new issue with all server auto shots or just summoners? Can this be fixed ASAP.
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