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  1. Always stay in giran, near of Auctioner House. down the stairs
  2. the AP can restar with SP, you need 500kk of SP for restar AP tree
  3. Hello greetings to all. I've been playing for 3 hours and I notice a 3-second lag at the time I press the skills (I don't use macro macro). Is the server having a problem? Is there any way I can check the ping I have while playing as it is done in some other games? The lag I only notice it in the skills but not if I use next target or just move to another placeThe lag I only notice it in the skills but not if I use next target or just move to another place
  4. Well I guess the better opcion is still with windows .
  5. L2 Team will do somenthing for all Ubuntu ussers?
  6. Hi Lately I have been seriously thinking of going completely to Ubuntu 18.04 but I have not done it because to date I have not found a real guide to run the game stably. If someone has done it, I would appreciate the help.
  7. Dont need buy nothing. Just try to get a good Mentor 24/7 and in one day can be lvl 85. lvl 1-85 you will do alone cause is really hard to find a party at this lvl. maybe at lvl 70+ can find partys for farm raid boss. Good luck and enjoy the game
  8. No, I'm not trolling you, Just read the words you put in the same post Latest info was again posted at Classic only: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/10718-connectivity-issues-update-116/ Fyi if you want to know Hime / Juji latest posts check out the DEV TRACKER tab on top of the forums https://forums.lineage2.com/discover/6/ See yourself put Latest info was again posted at Classic only
  9. But this is only infrmation about classic server. nothing about live server. Sent 2 tickets and the 2 times answer exactly the same. have 3 days with the same problem and just update information abot classic servers -.-"
  10. Still with the same problem. cant continue at the part of select server.
  11. pff. 3 days and still waiting you answer my ticket,Still with issues cause cant log, cant continue at the part of select server. do somenthing cause have 3 days with out log.
  12. They are the worst administrators of the server seriously. And not even take the trouble to answer the tickets and much less the forum. seriously better just close the game. I think that later they do not complain if many just stop playing.
  13. Again really? do somenthing guys.
  14. All day wasted, cant play. Thanks NCSOFT
  15. NCSOFT any solucion? 1 hour trying to log in and nothing.
  16. Hola blondo, trata de buscar partys los dias que son los resets de instancias, miercoles y sabados muchos hacen esas instancias esos dias. Suerte. Hi blondo, try to find partys the days that are the resets of instances, wednesdays and saturdays many make those instances those days. Luck.
  17. Can somebody tell me if still existing this boxes (Dimensional treasure chest)? I have not found one of those boxes for a long time..
  18. I'm so tired about L2Classic. They put aside the normal server, and only focus on the classic. If they are going to do something, at least do it well. We have people who do not care about the Classic at all simply because we do not want to start from scratch. They are killing what was left of the normal server. Once again, thanks for nothing to stop people from playing in the official.
  19. believe or not the talisman abundance lvl 1 cheaper in naia is in 9b. In cronos server you can find Abundance lvl 1 in 7b!!
  20. haha, you didn't see Fairy and bloody eh? the number of bots you find there is exaggerated
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