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  1. this is the reason why juji labs dissapear from forums it will expose how impossible and expensive are things made these days
  2. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses Augment System Item Changes Skill Changes Other Changes do i look like QA Tester? do ur job dude, make a toon and try to progress in this current game with the current prices in the market, with the current lvling experience, where u only need to stack toon of vitality pots, and where u need tons of usd to make a decent gear from the ncstore. what a lazy team.... HOW DARE YOU!!
  3. +1 u need to pay attention to players suggestions... we are the one that play ur game, every "event" is only for make money, the game is getting more and more boring, bc u need alot of money on a toon to leave the town, not only for pvp (that cost alooooot) now for pve... this kind of patches is telling u something, the game need a balance again to be the great game that it was time ago.
  4. 1 week that i cant log in...... bye 30 days prestige pack and jewels... thanks ncsoft for wasting my money.
  5. i dare to any gm to make this dungeon without a ruby 6 brooch br, weapon +12 and set +10....
  6. Wind Talisman P Skill Crit Damage + 10 % where can obtain those talis ?
  7. nice a 20k $$ toon to make k99 so fast! great game.
  8. 3ali

    They're back!

    the kind of video u shouldnt upload... lol so robotic target
  9. theres archers.. healers.. daggers that are more tanky than a tank... and cant reach 90k hp.... why? bc high defense.... elemental defense.... u can have 150k hp.. but 1 archer can hit u for 200k if u dont have a good defense... if u have 90k hp and good defense.. u will being hit for 30k... thats the logic. some tanks can go for full hp... bc have full items... bless anthy insanity +10 set greater opal greater diaomind... seven signs etc... hp should come from ur dyes and items...not from ur ap or dual skills...
  10. tauti blunt?.... u can put SIGEL, it gives u pve pvp resist, and the debuff is good for tanks... for cc, even for pvp.. u can land a debuff to an archer in disparation or flash...
  11. this game is already broken.. theres nothing to do vs credit card players... i was an active pvp player... now i cant compete vs +20 ferios, +23 weapons, greater rubys.. dragon weapons.... thats why l2 is dead.. and the result is merge servers... ppl dont leave bc the game is boring.... ppl leaving bc cant spend the amount of money that game require to play it. anyone try to do altar with +5 +6 +7 normal weapons? no... u dont even get invited to any party with that weapon.. so the only ppl left to play is the one that spend alot of money to do pve and pvp. when DH destroy max... i can smell
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