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  1. Hi guys, I m about to choose 2nd profession on my human knight. Actually I don't like DA since %99.9 of tanks are DA. And its a hybrid class of DD and Tanker. I love pure tanking. Don't give a $h1t about killing something. So I'm planning to go as Paladin. In older chronicles, I mean H5, Gracia etc. paladin was like immortal. It was really hard to kill. Is it same here ? Is it possible to build a tank like WALL ? Most of ppl suggests to play DA but as I pointed before I don't give a $h1t about killing. My only purpose is staying alive on battlefield.
  2. Drop rates are increasing.

    Slight changes should be included in patch notes which are just for this.
  3. Drop rates are increasing.

    Well that post was mostly about this guys behave to other ppl. But u took the part you want to understand. Oki
  4. Drop rates are increasing.

    Of course there will be some faults but there should be some successes too. So if they didn't say its 1.5, hundreds of ppl just made it up ? Why did they announced patchnotes belong to deferent client?
  5. Drop rates are increasing.

    Why are you humiliating ppl who don't want to play game which you like ? Official sources told ppl to this will be with classic 1.5 rates that is why we are here. But they launched a server which they didn't talk about. And ppl start to complain as expected. If it was announced as start with classic 1.0 rates /-%10 death penalty then ppl will not have right to complain. Noone knew that it will be different than expected server so some ppl made some investment, its their customer right to complain. Its can not be defined as "cry"... If you order "A" item from market and they deliver you "B" item, you won't complain ? And if you complain, ppl will call you crybaby?
  6. Drop rates are increasing.

    if you like difficulty there is 0.1x rate private servers u are free to go. Or drop to field half of ur adena, some ppl will love it. We came here to play game which has been introduced us. We are not asking more than what has been offered to us.
  7. Drop rates are increasing.

    https://ibb.co/jdDMpU https://ibb.co/dJhLip You gotta work harder to be hired as lawyer in NCSoft @Euthanaisa
  8. Drop rates are increasing.

    I don't know which patchnotes u have read (or read them?), or which stream u have watched before release. In patchnotes header it writes "Classic 1.5 " and juji pointed many times about -%4 death penalty on stream and forum. And the rates including death penalty are belong to 1.0 . Just don't be meaningless lawyer if you don't know what u are talking about they don't d.nate ncoin to forum guards.
  9. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    What do you mean ?
  10. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    Can we say all rates (drop/adena/spoil) and XP loss upon death will be like u promised us on stream and patchnotes ? I mean Classic 1.5 features. Or just deceive with tiny boost ? I expect you to be more clear. @Juji
  11. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    check my nick and u ll see reason of confusion
  12. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    You expect them to care scavanger while they dont care about thousands of ppl ?
  13. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    He has no word to say after this mess. The game he introduced us in stream and the game ppl currently playing are not match at all.
  14. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    WOOW u are working really hard. Give some break. 4 entry listed above. 1. says maintance will be performed.(nothing for this week) 2. says queue problem will be solved (after ur 2nd message, i would be fixed by itself in short time) 3. says moster respawn rate increased for low zones (good news but late like 1 week, most of ppl in server already suffered this pain) 4.says there is a spiritshot pack for who cant take spiritshot from quests. (nice and done in like 1-2 days /which it suppose to be) So you guys did not do anything about rest of problems ? If you did, why are you afraid of share progress with us to make us "trust you" ? Of course u didnt have time, there was huge weekend and bunch of ppl to milk. I just want you to scam them more, so greedy ppl who calls themself "old school player" - "hard grinder" f2p players get one shot in coming future.
  15. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    Paint? u are already in front of juji and hime.