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  1. nice move about disconnections but make it less time , 15-20min Please make a shop zone AWAY from aden (Naia server) , the lag to make daily actions is unique (Suggest Giran harbor for example) Also and last STOP SELLING PASSES TO P I .afk chars macro, borrow pullers and stay for 6h in a spot ,at least for double drop season A lot greedy ppl in game
  2. what are u really trying to do? 512 queue after 1h 98 queue but sorry client must be closed!!!! Really @Juji why is that? u start disscourage ppl are with prestige ? Trully UNSATISFIED ...
  3. Ncoin are used from real life ppl invest maney to exchange to adena. This is a legal RMT way with help of NcWest. Big legal abuse of the game ... @Juji am i somewhere wrong?
  4. That's why they should make untradable -Ungiftable Ncoin to stop all this story
  5. @Hime , @Juji Ok we will get Veteran's mask , What are the enchantments effects of those? Safe is up to +3 or like atlas earring +1 safe until +10-11-12-20-40?
  6. I was wondering what kind of clicker some ppl , cp uses to win the event ? Its not normally 1h before event ends to dissappear 500 reward at once !!!! Any gm can search status?
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