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  1. trouble to log into the forum, trouble like others with the launcher and if i get to the next step after launcher i just get failed to log in. well done as always! always exciting to log in after updates. that are the real events!
  2. L2wiki is far behind with being up to date!
  3. i wonder when they want to give us the patchnotes, naia server is gmt+1 and in 2h we have 30th october and it was told by them self we get the patch notes at the 29th...
  4. 29th we shall get full patchnotes. so perhaps 12h before dowtime.. at a time there the europeans normal humans sleep!
  5. You remove Olympiad tokens that have been removed ages ago as you changed them to mark of battles. so I wonder if you guys mean mark of battles instead of olympiad tokens.