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  1. SERVER Lagg!!!!!!

    Unfortunately they are only making things worse. The recent update that forces users to use mentee marks to buy items was a HORRIBLE idea. where will mentee marks come from? There are not enough new players to earn the marks. Players are forced to make there own toons to farm the marks which only puts more strain on the server. Not like they would do that anyways but why make it have to be +12? How many thousands of accounts have been created just for this one item? Then we have an xp event where everyone wants to maximize their xp gain so even more players are active. Then on top of that we have an event where players need to be online for 2 hours to get free awards so every last box is logged in. Just look in front of the event npc. there are piles of useless toons just sitting there. Thank you NC for a non-pay to win event and thank you for the updated content but you guys really need to rethink somethings and maybe not pick something that will just add more strain on the already bogged down server.
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    @Juji how is it possible to have even worse lag!!! I just upgraded my spectrum service from 60b to 200mb and double the upload speed. My equipment was replaced Wednesday when server was down and now I experience lag worse than before. your upgraded equip plus my upgraded equip should equal better experience but it does not!
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    Its time you cared about the people that make this server run. Prestige packs and destiny packs should be reimbursed!!! This is very unacceptable!
  4. New Pay Even Brooch Before you invest have a look

    watched the video. damn that sucks! over 1,000 jewels just to end up with one level 5. over 6,000 jewels to get all 6 stone slots filled with a level 5 jewel. there is no way I will participate in this event. average players cannot afford this. something that fails so much and disappears should not cost so much. I don't mind playing the card game where I can get something that last like a high level talisman, an agathion or even a SA crystal. To spend that much money just throwing it away due to low combination success rates is crazy.
  5. Drop rate calculation bugged?

    its not just full drops but mats are not dropping based on the increases we should see with the event bonus
  6. I know its a bit late since the event ends tomorrow but... I seen some toons with the minion eye flying. I decided to look at buying one of these packs out of the L2 store. When I googled what it did I found last years l2 Halloween event: https://www.lineage2.com/news/halloween-store-update-2018 Why is the minion eye pack now 400ncoin when it was only 80ncoin last year and its no different?
  7. Drop rate calculation bugged?

    yup, we have the same experience. While adena drops are increased. the extra +50% for week days and 100% on weekends is not happening compared to before the event. If they are, expect a big decline after the event goes away. I track what I collect in 24hrs and what that amount sells for when I sell to store. My adena turn in does not reflect the +300% drops with the runes and 50% and then 100% event. maybe us that pay for the runes don't get the extra benefit of the event too. if so, that sucks!!
  8. I have taken a tally of my daily adena and drop rates for about a month now. Adena has increased a little since the last un unscheduled restart but the 100% weekend drops, 50% more than week days did not happen. I had the same about of drops as I had right after the restart which was about 50% more than I was getting before the addition of 50% for week days. So basically what I'm saying is this weekend I only got 50% drops not 100%. I also have prestige pack and drop runes. Green room of refinery has not drop a full drop in 35days... I have camped a room almost 24 hours of every day for 35 days or more. I use to get 1 drop every 1-2 days in blue room but nothing in the green rooms.