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  1. Is there any location left in the game where mobs are not dumb? Even in Necropolises mobs are not aggressive and do not help each other anymore. Even "Path to Awakening" in GoD was challenging because mobs were smart and were helping each other. It is like hitting to "Training Dummies" which were put in reconstructed TI in GoD for newbie characters.
  2. @JujiCan you add Soul Stones in L2 Coin shop too? Spirit Ores for 100 Adena is amazing, but if only Soul Stones were at the same price too. Summoners need Soul Stones to create beast SSs for their melee servitors. At least ES can AoE with beast Spirit Shots very cheaply now. But beast Soul Shots are still a problem because of expensive Soul Stones.
  3. Moonlight Sentinel / Buffs

    You can have only one Prophecy buff at a time. All the PP buffs can be stacked now. In the past, you could only have one Greater buff (Might or Shield) at a time. Now you can have both.
  4. Is Crafting Useless Now?

    At least the spoiler can get Soul Crystals which can be traded to various Spirit Stones. IDK why the Ether is untradeable as it makes no sense farming it for crafting. What about R Crystals on the market? What is the current lowest price in AH of it?
  5. Will there be Schuttgart territory in Classic? What about the continent of Gracia? Schuttgart was added in C5, before the Kamaels were emerged in the game. Gracia Final/H5 chronicles had way more content on the map compared to Classic. Also, there are no quests in the game anymore. I know that Daily Missions are somehow replacing the lack of quests but interacting with NPCs and farming quest items was an enjoyable experience. At least make the rewards untradeable so that RMTers will have no use of them but ordinary players will enjoy it.
  6. My PC cannot run more than 4 windows at the same time. Considering this, which party setup would be the most successful to reach endgame levels? Also, since key mats, basic mats, recipes, etc. are no more tradeable at NPC shops, does it worth leveling WS and BH in order not to waste most of the drop I will get while farming? Lastly, I want to hear about pole user classes. WL and Destro can hit about 15-20 targets at a time. Considering farming in non-AFK mode, will the usage of SS be more economical instead of using 1v1 melee weapons? I know that when hitting more than a certain amount of mobs at the same time, the usage of SS increases. But using 4 shots/hit versus 15 mobs at the same time would be still way more economical than using 1 shot/hit versus 1 mob, is not it? Thanks for your guidance in advance!
  7. With this new crafting system, does it worth creating a Tyrr Maestro class to craft ordinary R110 gear?
  8. Dances

    Disable the Decrease Background Performance option from system menu.
  9. What about the standalone System Message Window which was removed from the game? Has it been fixed too?
  10. Hello, I'm lv. 23 Dark Wizard (future Phantom Summoner) who is looking for friendly EU community on Giran server (my timezone is GMT +4). Feel free to PM or mail in-game (I have the same name like here). Looking forward to your replies!