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  1. why? just spend money in the pay2win events and buy everything u need. thats what they want.
  2. PW best dagger then aw then th. th could be equal to aw if you use a high lvl othell super rune.
  3. Admin's wake up

    atleast they do a great job with ignoring everything on the forum and throwing in 1 pay2win shit after the other. Thats what they known for and they havent changed in 15 years. Bots, pay2win and ingorant / ignoring staff thats what comes to my mind when i hear Ncsoft Na. And if you look the forum the truth hurts. And you can open so many topics and question as you want they give a bleep
  4. Lineage 2 weteran wanna Black to game plz help

    Sadly the whole forum get ignored from those ignorant @Hime and @Juji, every player concern is getting ignored, liers in every way. I always remind to the live stream where Juji talking about no pay2win items in the shop. best laugher i ever had. Look now what a bot and pay2win festival the server is. Now also all lvl 40 and 46 dungeons are full with summoner bots and they just dont bleeping care. i just wait for wow classic People disliked the pay2win, bot and clown festival on the retail servers, and they just ram it in the ground like they did with the normal l2. i dont know how a publisher can this ignorant and money greefing like they are. every month a new pay2win shit. play the game ? for what ? just buy everything with real cash. i remember a time in l2 where i was proud after getting my a grade set after a long time and now here, throw in some cash and get +16 weapons or s weapons. what a joke of a game.
  5. Lineage 2 weteran wanna Black to game plz help

    trash game with 0 support. bots in every location, pony pkers who just pk all and port free around ( thx to the new teleport system that can be used as red, in pvp). Every month a new pay2win item in the ingame lottery to spend hundreds of dollars. adena drop and drop cripple rates to make the players buy items in the shop to afford gameplay with your character. Now they added a transfrom system that everyone can run around as a clown. CLASSIC l2 thats short explained what u can expect playing here.
  6. new month new p2win stuff. ignore all topics about bots but lets add some new p2win stuff. good job @Hime like always. Let us all think about the live event before server started. @Juji there wont be any pay2win items in the shop.
  7. and like always 0 respond. cant wait for next month and the next pay2win item in the shop
  8. yes use $ for shop items and sell people. thats how they want it
  9. For sure they ignore all. did you see any post about p2win stuff, bots or any other concern people have...none like always. but giving answers to absolute useless questions in the forum. just ignore them and they will stop asking mentalitiy. @Juji no p2win items in the store that was your joke of the year in the live event.
  10. There will be a L2 Store update for July most important part for adding new p2win items like every new month. Im still like the live event and Juji talking about no pay2win items in the shop. every month a laugher worth. Red libra event : Buy full 1-hour buffs for 416,250 Adena People not even have enough adena to buy shots but hey spend half a million for 1 hour buff.
  11. RB farming

    Hi, are there any clans farming rb like on russian servers to join for some xp leech ?