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  1. mentoring system is turned off ? tried to add 2 different mentees and says that player is not online
  2. nope dont want the second to work without reason only because with fafurion l2 got messed up before fafurion no problem
  3. fix the issue that when a pc has 2 hard drives and the second is put to sleep by system the client crashes upon login
  4. go blazing swamp and see for yourself before 1 week all of them was silent valley even before restart a new batch was at bloody swampland
  5. what about etina solo option or the mp regen issue
  6. your english are good enough and when you start moving around you gonna see them more bots with name il.... than active players atm
  7. Why ? server don't have already more than enough bots with name starting il....... ?
  8. now that many went for dim raid naia is ok buy more bandwidth ppl
  9. Yes please 1 for zariche and 3 to bot
  10. Cursed Sword Weapons A new weapon borne from the blood of Demonic Sword Zariche and Blood Sword Akamanah was added. Excelent work again instead of making zariche/akamanah bound to the player that pick it up you give the same 2 persons/clans on top of the 5-7billion adena weekly new weapons to sell for more adena just excelent work keep it up
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