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  1. i am not selling adena for real money and the game is years now f2p
  2. good old days you could log unlimited accounts per pc much later went 3 per pc why only people with illegal .dll files and 2 or 3 pcs could log more ?
  3. different words same meaning you will not be able to play
  4. this system should been implemented years ago
  5. even npc dialogs lag like crazy
  6. dream on dead mobs start to pile up again and attack speed dropped about 1 hour now
  7. lag is already back and it wasnt the autoattack before this unscheduled lag was starting after 10-12 hours
  8. i use mob name but still if mob dont die and macro restart takes other mob with same name
  9. i am playing also but if you dont have dmg to kill mob before macro recycle then qq
  10. how much you get paied ? or work for ncwest maybe ? from friday that server got a crash and restarted itself not a single hyphen time zones doesnt exist in international servers, a paied from clients pocket techniacian should monitor all time the servers for their customers and act accordingly
  11. almost all monday gone and NO RESPONSE at all they just dont care to communicate with players paying or not real money
  12. Sorry but i can not resist Soon ™
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