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  1. arround 3 months ago i made tests already with the VIP system. and its not working like it should be, somewhere in the forum u can find the tests search for it. the VIP system is a scam ! just as example : when u go to ruins of agony and kill mobs u get arroubnd 60-100 adena so how it comes, that mobs past lvl 45 dropps the same ammount of adena ? with VIP 4 u should get more, but u did not i made the tests with 1 ccount VIP 4 and without any VIP bonus . VIP= SCAM !
  2. 500 euro.., and u wonder why ppl call the admins and gms here idiots.... anyway, as long as players still play here, its no wonder .... and to be honest, this is not a game anymore, there are just those ppl here who run there bots and autofarm afk for 24/7 to earn adena and sell it on websites. this is a company game, not an MMO anymore.its an AFK game thnx to the autofarm, and to bots. iam done with this crapp , i wont wiast anymore time on this AFK botting game,my time is better spend on any free server, with REAL lineage 2 chronicles till H5,where lineage is lineage.a
  3. it has nothing to do with bejelous ....if u take a clolser look to the patchnotes, they even removed 90% of adena reward quests ...where u could farm items and trade them for adena ....basicaly its a nerf to adena flow of the classic server ... ironic mode on : maybe they remove in a further update adena dropps aswell from any mob and selling items to npcs wont give adena any more too than .. ironic mode off
  4. iam talking about the halloveen event we get today ..... we get a bunch of nothing, and only 2 buffs .....no items, no adena, no nothing .. only 2 buffs from an NPC and boosted server settings till 13 november ....since we have 0.25 rates on classic this server boosts are not even worth the time to login. so again an event where we get nothing than a facepalm from ncsoft
  5. are u serious with this event ? classic gets just 2 buffs.. while live server gets massive stuff as reward, we get nothing ??? just 2 bleeping buffs ?
  6. stupid ? ok than explain me the following stuff : when u go to ruins of agony, u can see arround 230 bots farming there..... if u just stand there for 5 to 8 mins u can see arround 8 buffers running arround buffing these bots. 3PP 3DE. if u tanek just 2 of them, and follow them for 10 mins, u can clearly see they running exact same ways, same spots, same marks on the ground, same time on the second. if u start to hit one of those bpts there ot happens this : he hits the mob 1x ...turns to u start hitting u , if u kill him , he will spawn 5 seconds later at ruins of agony por
  7. probably for saying this i get a ban but : they will not ban bots. definatly not the bots from any adena seller, or VIP botter. why ? because NC soft is getting prozentual money from each company that sells adena. the bot report button was removed based on the fact they allow bots to be used . each bot ( A****** for example ) brings money to ncsoft. each adena seller who sells adena pays to nc soft so they wont ban there bots. best example , just watch the new spawn placements for some mobs. the aggro /non aggro changes for 90% of mobs oin the server
  8. they dont ban bots, not even with a video proof where the support, and the rest of the world can see how the bot is using pathpoints to run arrouind, best example is ruins of agony.. go there, and check it out
  9. put the level restriktion from high 5 back to cruma tower, so that this idiots with lvl 77+ pkers cant even go there. it is annoing to get pked from high lvl chars and to just watch it because u cant do a shit anyway. if a lvl 58 comes to pk ppl.. they at last have a chance to do something. but this kiddos who want a bigger bleep by pking lowbies needs to get kciked out there.
  10. not everyone is running 500 bots to make adena, and 100kk with this server settings are impossible by just farming,. like new players do. server economy is definatly dead .... B grade is the thing to go, because almost noone want and cant afford to unseal A gear , and wont use a weapons because they use 3 shots, ....noone can make adena by farming even to lvl.....so dont tell us u make 100 million a day....
  11. nope nothing will happend, because i made the same, and nothing happend so far
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