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  1. Still nothing, have they read something, why don't they say anything? Hello??? @Juji @Hime At least your moderator, give notice or send a message. @Amraith
  2. Friend don't bother writing, they will never reply to you, because they never reply to us ,,, they no longer love L2 and if they reply to you, it will be some of the mediocre replies they told you, "Go to the forum"
  3. I totally agree with HammerForge, what kind of shit event is this ????? I know that those of us who play in NA do not have much money compared to KOREA where there if they take their opinions into consideration BUT IT IS ENOUGH JUJI to see our stupid faces, how is it possible that an anniversary event, that we should enjoy and at least have a small percentage of possibility of obtaining an item that baium, we will never have the chance, better for that Give us the damn 10 chests and give the chest to the Beppler or KnuckHead, We are so little that we try to keep the server alive t
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