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  1. Account verification email

    same problem
  3. Suit appearance for male dwarf

    Hi piniera, what appearances do you need ? the baseball, beach, metal suit, samurai, archer, vampiric, dark knight, chevallier, pirate, magician, sailor, valkirie, high priest, anakim, devil, etc, etc, etc ? if you need see them, create a Classic account, in the bottom right of the UI you will see a button with all transformations to see them..
  4. HI ALL, guys, what´s the better way to get CRYSTAL R-GRADE?? NPCs Sellers? Crystallize R-grade Equipement? What Equipement more recomended? Auctioner? PCs Sellers in Aden ? obviouslly, the way less expensive TY
  5. Add Quests

    +1 in everything.. i log in to create a suggestion like yours but when i read it , is exactly that i want. Ty it s necesary more quests and/or factions re-enabled with quests more NPCs with quests. objectives to all kind to all ppl
  6. LOW MP Performance

    Before the yesterday unscheduled maintenance, https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17814-live-unscheduled-server-maintenance-thursday-april-23-2020/, high MP performance, after that, so poor low performance the hunting zone, War Torn Plains example: ISS in auto with Clipping attack, consume entire MP in 30 minutes aprox, then, imposible to give buffs example 2: Tyrr Duelist, in auto only with Power bomber.. another skill in auto and imposible too... consume entire MP en 30 minutes aprox. too Thanks
  7. HI, anyone have MP issues? i am in War Torn Plains with a party Tyrr+ISS, both of them have MP issues, very low recovery, the tyrr only one skill, power bomber, don t support another skill... the ISS only attack and buffs... don t support clipping attack in the macro. Before yesterday unscheduled maintenance was very fine the MP regeneration. thanks
  8. anyone had MP issues in castilla labyrinth ? Thanks
  9. jajajajja no no, it s not my intention learn english, i only want more quests to do. Thanks
  10. it s necesary more QUESTS, very few things to do, only Castilla and Coalmines, this is not funny, are nice to do but quests have always been one of the funniest things to do in l2, i hope they come back one day
  11. C grd weapon gone

    The initial weapons ? the "D" grade weapons when start the game? if the weapons you say are these, these initials weapons expire in 15 days when you get them.
  12. Where to find quests?

    Check This https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17460-quests/
  13. Quests

    Hi chut3, me in the same situation, arrive lv.37, finished all npc quests... then, i leveled up to 40, waiting for a new quest arrive in 40, but nothing... nothing quest, nothing armor, nothing weapon. yesterday i found a quest in Town of Aden, npc "Tores: Dungeon of Abyss Officer", he send to you to West Abyssal Prison to take quest to npc Magrit. Apparently, this quest paid with Armor "C" and Weapon "C" this is all that i found until now. Now i ll check what you said in the map info! ty
  14. SERVER LAG ?

    Anyone have LAG ? or is my internet co-vid 19 company? since yesterday, i have terrible LAG, before that, i never had to much lag, a little in the melee attacks but nothing more.. since yesterday, i can t play almost. TY
  15. SERVER LAG ?

    ..and another thing kid, the POSTs with the SERVER LAG tittles would be repeat until the SERVER LAGs fix ones and for all.. until that... try to help with something if you think to push the submit reply button like an bleep
  16. SERVER LAG ?

    I never had LAG, i posted it in my message, sometimes, a little in the melee attacks i said, if you would have some seconds to read the two lines that i ve wrote you wouldn t had said such stupid thing about the elevator that doesn t help it all and anyoune. TY for nothing kid
  17. 1. what do you mean ? PvE penalty ? how does this work? 3. +1
  18. What is it for ? XP BONUS ? DAMAGE BONUS ? TY

    Hi ConsiderThis: I ll give you a nice and funny solution, make a party, call people with the party interface, reagroup 4, 5, 6 ppl, the people you need,... and give PK to the guy..! I am really sure that to much people want s to kill SpotPKers and it will be so fun to do that. If i see a Call to give PK that guy, you can count on me. Best Regards
  20. Today in Naia the Lag is so worse, I understand the servers are heavy Traffic today but, to much LAG again. PD: Wednesday when the servers was Light Traffic, the Lag did not exist. TY
  21. promo problem for 3/4

    Hello Shoppy, how i can make the Noble Upgrade Stone ? with wich NPCs ? TY
  22. About "Wield a Circlet of Power" Enchant Circlet Pack > Reconstruction Society's Enchantment Pack CONTAINS THIS: https://l2wiki.com/Reconstruction_Society's_Enchantment_Pack#Open Box I AM CORRECT ? TY
  24. i respond myself, i saw the answer in another post Juji Said: Posted Monday at 03:52 PM Hardware parts are shipping out today, so we are hoping to receive them by end of the week at the latest and run tests on it in preparation of the upgrade for next maintenance
  25. Thanks Man, any news about the Hardware´s comming ? 1 week? 2? more time? i can play with the Lag but i wish the hardware come soon! Thanks again