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  1. yeah, same, got needed homunculuses before 2.0. And my iss was extremely lucky, got like 7 top ones in 10 day period, but it still took more than a year to get the ones i wanted. Now getting none... And i did use 120+ homunculus tokens on all 3 combined, so rates are pretty slim now, i'd say 1/1000, it needs to be higher...
  2. how about homunculus since 2.0? Have you got at least 1 top-grade? Running 3 chars, almost daily refreshes on homunculus, and haven't seen a single one. I imagine a solo player doing the same for 1.5 years.. What luck he would think he has? Or it's a total scam just to take out adena out of economy? Not mentioning, that you might not get the one you want...
  3. Where the hell did you pull these 'before update' rates? If you're here just to whine, then as i said, please continue...
  4. Fine, i'll continue to use my brain playing games, please continue whatever you were doing..
  5. This table is old man... If you do IT you can check that. Every level up reduces your IT xp gained by ~2,5x, which means that every level requires 2,5x more xp. At 109 i'm getting ~0,25% for 10tril xp that leads to 4 quad xp required at 109. We already have the new xp table from your image
  6. I think it's just hotfix for la vien's brooch. There is no option to upgrade it to lvl2 at npc..
  7. SOLO

    Yul aggro?

    Tornado confirmed... Thanks! It has a tiny aoe aggro effect on close enemies to target. Shouldn't devs fix it or provide adequate description?
  8. SOLO

    Yul aggro?

    Question. What causes yull to pull aggro on more than one mob? Training like usual, solo target skills, solo mark, yul buffs. Manner turned off. Mobs non aggressive. Sometimes when i attack , nearby mobs get agroed and start attacking too. 1-2 no prob, but when i get 4+ and die, that's annoying, and i cant aoe or afk train on exalted gear.
  9. I agree, this skill needs improvement. I would also like it to be autocasted like summon's pets.
  10. Even better, no clan quest for mentee coins, i wonder how it would affect the prices of mentee training (probably will go down)... but i guess new players don't need cash. Or economy will adapt making rich people richer... Not mentioning clan rewards. First they took our vitality pots and cp rewards by 1/2, now mentee quest. Try raising a clan. Top lvl would take 10 years
  11. Same here. Iss, dagger, tyrr got spiritshots, summoner got soulshot P.S. You can share it in acc, no point for me though, as i keep same shot using chars...
  12. Temporary solution: kill less mobs/min. Smaller parties in coal
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