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  1. Where the hell did you pull these 'before update' rates? If you're here just to whine, then as i said, please continue...
  2. Fine, i'll continue to use my brain playing games, please continue whatever you were doing..
  3. This table is old man... If you do IT you can check that. Every level up reduces your IT xp gained by ~2,5x, which means that every level requires 2,5x more xp. At 109 i'm getting ~0,25% for 10tril xp that leads to 4 quad xp required at 109. We already have the new xp table from your image
  4. I think it's just hotfix for la vien's brooch. There is no option to upgrade it to lvl2 at npc..
  5. SOLO

    Yul aggro?

    Tornado confirmed... Thanks! It has a tiny aoe aggro effect on close enemies to target. Shouldn't devs fix it or provide adequate description?
  6. SOLO

    Yul aggro?

    Question. What causes yull to pull aggro on more than one mob? Training like usual, solo target skills, solo mark, yul buffs. Manner turned off. Mobs non aggressive. Sometimes when i attack , nearby mobs get agroed and start attacking too. 1-2 no prob, but when i get 4+ and die, that's annoying, and i cant aoe or afk train on exalted gear.
  7. I agree, this skill needs improvement. I would also like it to be autocasted like summon's pets.
  8. Even better, no clan quest for mentee coins, i wonder how it would affect the prices of mentee training (probably will go down)... but i guess new players don't need cash. Or economy will adapt making rich people richer... Not mentioning clan rewards. First they took our vitality pots and cp rewards by 1/2, now mentee quest. Try raising a clan. Top lvl would take 10 years
  9. Same here. Iss, dagger, tyrr got spiritshots, summoner got soulshot P.S. You can share it in acc, no point for me though, as i keep same shot using chars...
  10. Temporary solution: kill less mobs/min. Smaller parties in coal
  11. Nope, today even worse. 1 minute (about 60 proofs) from every single mob, then 20 min of nothing, then 1 minute again... got ~200 proofs in 1 hr. And regaring letters, same issue nothing for 5min, then 3-5ppl get runes instantly. I doubt that 1 mob can drop 5 runes.. If all this stuff is going through database tables, it seems that problem is in drop queues. Database sleeps, calculates, it needs to expand, but it's busy. For this to work devs need to allocate more table space instead of letting db grow all the time. If it's not the issue, check gm buffs, 5ppl in party had it
  12. same with Undying Will. I really hate when i cast Power Revival and it goes on cd, doing nothing, Because Undying will had to kick in... 1 such fail and you start solo kamaloka all over again... hate it. Undying will and Giant Barrier should block all self skillcasts while active in order to work properly.
  13. Had same issue. I'm on exalted 3rd quest. We've had one archer in a party, he was very lagged, dropped out of the game few times. The proofs started flowing when he was down or out of party. Letters were dropping like crazy while archer was with us, after he dc'ed, letters stopped dropping Party mate had same problem and same proof count after 50mins in coal - 300 proofs. nick of an archer: RosaErtheia. Had GM/birthday buffs on. Check if that's not an issue party loot random including spoil. don't know about archer's quest or drop rune state, quest might have been fini
  14. Since Juju agathion appeared to help me fight, i've nothing but repeated lines of vit going up and down in all chats. The message is duplicated in dedicated system chat box. There is no way to disable this, as l2 doesn't recognize this as a system message. Month have passed and it is still not fixed.
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