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  1. I would be wondering when there will be real events. I understand that the purpose of ncsoft is to make money as it runs a business. On the other hand, it would be worth thinking about the players as well, as this game will keep you entertained as long as you provide it, even if we don't spend thousands of dollars or even euros on it. I trust you will soon realize that players deserve more than what they called an event. We want to enjoy the game even when there is no money in the bank account. Items can be obtained at such unrealistic prices that it would be good if there were events that cou
  2. Dear Ncsoft! We immediately expect you to fix the adena bug, thousands of euros go into the game every month, i expect you to provide a normal service for it. Since you’ve made the game addicted to spirit ore, plus you need a good deal of it, not to mention the soul shot, a lot of adena will fall out one day that you won’t compensate for, as is your habit. You messed up the work, shut it down and fix it, not spending so much on the game to cover your mistakes. Thanks
  3. And please you have any good tips for feoh write me. Thx
  4. Hi! Please show me better mystic muse aoe macro for exp farm. Thx very much!
  5. Let's do Adena! Balok farm. You need 2 ppl, and farming Balok. Good drop and rune stone now expensive price. Start olympiad chars. All friday and saturday need olympiad all chars , and all monath give you reward. One chars need 3 monath for mark change PVE belt. 3 monath / 750 M / character. Start archer and farming altar of evil, and bloody spawn 25-30 M adena / day. (you buy prestige 60-80 M / day) Have nice day
  6. Lydol

    Summoner settings

    Hi! Thx your answer. 1.) I dont know what is "Paagrio's pot" 2.) I have now tauti two-handed frenzyed with tyrrr SA / after buy r99, very expensive PVE weapon in Chronos 3.) Dual class cetrificate? Fix 12% patk and other? Thx!
  7. Hi Guys! 1) My first question would be what is the correct setting of ability points, if possible, attach a picture in your answer. 2) I have experienced that servitor lethal skill is not working, experience with this? 3) What kind of weapon do you recommend for PVE? I have now frenzyed tauti with tyrr SA. After two-handed blunt (PVE) or retributer (PVE) better? 4) What kind of jewelry do you need? (when started (cheap)/better (after).) 5.) What cloak better for summoner? 6.) What talisman is need? 7.) What dye is better PVE/PVP? 8.) Any more good info?
  8. I'd be curious what we get instead. Hope not more lags.. :D
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