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  1. MMORPG???

    I visited castels during siege for a long time. At some castells only 1 pt defender. no atackers. Other castels 2-3 pt defenders, no atackers. I remember times. 1k ppl went for 1 castel... it was the time random ppl did field RB. There was a comunnity. There is nothing left. At least the killed the econnomy and instances for normal players >< So what have this to do with MMO? As long as ppl are adicted, they keep on this way. For me it came to a point where it makes no sense anymore to invest time (even no afk macro pt) r money in this game ><
  2. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    Bad EXP and Adena drop. You lose more than you get. Equipment i saved years for is nothing worth anymore, because everyone have similar equip now but you cant do intances anymore to farm with that. Only if you have a epic player in pt. Chests drop only crap. Got 3 Aden chest due to nightfarm. 70k Adena each. 1 Clan rule all (Instances and EXP places) Nothing left, that is still worth to do...I really miss time where random player made field RB. Decent euipped player could do anything in a clan...
  3. Bloody Bow vs Kelbim Bow

    ty for that typ. i will test, if i get such a scroll. Kelb had 450 dark. Bloody atm 200 holy. 300 after update p.atk diffrence in total was like 57k with bloody and 57,4k with kelb ><
  4. Bloody Bow vs Kelbim Bow

    36k / 38k
  5. Bloody Bow vs Kelbim Bow

    i checked. critical pinpoint is 2k more dmg with bloody weap instead of kelbim...
  6. Bloody Bow vs Kelbim Bow

    Hi Yul´s after long time i had the money to make myselfe a Bloody Thrower (R99, +9, Fire 5, Speedfire 7). I was realy happy about that and wanted to check diffrence between my new weapon and my old Kelbom Bow. I testet in HB mobs by using Pinpoint Shot. My hope was, that dmg due to crit skills raise. But there was not much diffrence to my old Kelbim Bow. (about 2k dmg). How can that be? Kelbim bow have lower p.atk (1592) and no boost on skill crits. PVP Damage +15%, Max HP +25%, P. Atk. +10%, Atk. Spd. +15%, and P. Critical Damage +15%. Additionally, reflects 20% of received damage. But that can´t affect that much?? With my bloody bow i have 1739 p.atk and + 16% crit siill dmg + 15% PVE dmg +6,3% more dmg with SSR Ingame (lvl 2 harmony, lvl 5 melody, POM) my my total p.atk is just 400 higher with the Kelbim. So why no rly diffrence at crit skills? I dont think my other equip make a big diffrence in that case. They all efffect the 2 weapons in the same way.... Maybe my tatoos can change something. Atm i have +10 STR and +5 DEX, becouse the Kelbim Bow dont have that high p.atk. With my new Weapon i wanted to change to +15 DEX. But now i am not rly sure about that... Any ideas?
  7. Mail offer ingame to Arscher, ty!
  8. New Player Adena Farm Guide

    25 min and almost no outcome. Its not that trick to get rich... Better farm Octavis, Istina, Balok, Tavern to get some Items to sell...
  9. R99 Light Armor

    DEX is allways needed for archers becouse of crits. But it depends a bit on your equip. If you dont have any p.atk your crits dont count too....
  10. Feoh and Autotarget

    Solution: Skill list must be open. Not locked.....
  11. Feoh and Autotarget

    Maybe i am very stupid, but is it possible this is not working atm like autouse of items?
  12. 1. Where am I from: Germany 2. Char name and class: Iquil (2004-2009) Arscher (since 2015) 3. Original server: Bartz 4. Level and % today: Iquil was lvl 76 TH, Now Arscher 105 Yul Sagi/ 103 Wyn 5. How many times did you quit and come back? 1 long break from 2009 - 2014 and between it some months from time to time
  13. exalted quest

    If you wanna do it fast, lf Rafinery party.... HB and all other sucks becouse of droprate and time u need to kill one mob...
  14. Golden Compass Event for ELITE?

    i am 105 yul with not that bad good gear (not top gear ofc). With 10-15x dieing, 105 ISS buffs, i can do it in 40-50 min. I am sure, there is no chance with standart equip.
  15. skill mastery abillity

    Its chance of instant skill reuse