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  1. exalted quest

    If you wanna do it fast, lf Rafinery party.... HB and all other sucks becouse of droprate and time u need to kill one mob...
  2. Golden Compass Event for ELITE?

    i am 105 yul with not that bad good gear (not top gear ofc). With 10-15x dieing, 105 ISS buffs, i can do it in 40-50 min. I am sure, there is no chance with standart equip.
  3. skill mastery abillity

    Its chance of instant skill reuse
  4. Ty for the explanation. Looks like i missunterstood the thing with dualclasses. But fun fact beside: Subclass certification - Speed lvl 4 says in ingame description: Increase p.atk/ castingspeed +4%... Its should be atk speed, not p.atk... But all in all if they only replace the sub-skills its not that big thing i thought. TY! Loosing 1/5 of my p.atk would be my end
  5. for me it sounds like they delete all Subclasses (with sub- and dualclass skills) and instead of that you get Dual: Energy of New Power (P. Atk +4%, M. Atk +6%, P. Def/M. Def+4%,Atk/CastingSpd. +4%, P./M. Critical Rate +40, Max HP/MP/CP +6%) Atm i have 2x +9% p.atk due to dualskills and 2x 4% due to subclasskills. 26% in total.
  6. What's wrong with Freya/Zaken ?

    i tried 3 times in a row with lvl 85 chars only and just got the gems. But if there is still a drop possability i am fine
  7. Due to loosing subclass/dualclass skills i will lose 24% p.atk. Earlier in the game it took me some hours to get this bonus, that rly helped me a lot to make some lvl on my main. But without them there is no chance for me to hunt alone anymore as long as i have no epic equipment or mobs fall more easily. This change destroy the game for ppl with not that good equip that dont want to spend 100´s of $ in NC-Coins or China farmers....Smal investments don´t make sense anymore.... so u have the choice to burn your money massively or quit the game??
  8. What's wrong with Freya/Zaken ?

    No vesper armor r freya neck, zaken weaing anymore????