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  1. Craft System / Ether

    As far as I know 100% craft with adena is only possible at abundance crafts
  2. A Herb???

    i think its a fast solution, they can offer by themselves without koreas permission...
  3. MP regeneration problems

    My chars have all +/-1 lvl. i tryed relog etc. but since 2 days it works again. i dunno what this is ><
  4. Complaints about archers

    With good equip yul have a advantage, becouse crid skill have no limit and you can push it hard + have range dmg. For ppl with exalted or +12 bloody weaps it´s no rly diffrence between yul and other DD´s. So this discussion is not for 90% of this game... + Yuls have some known weakpoints. All you can´t kill at range in a few seconds kills you overtime from short dinstance. And there are some classes that can´t get any dmg for some time (Evis) or have toogleskills (Feoh) what can be realy nasty for yul.
  5. Hi comunnity, some one else have problem with MP regen rate? I don´t mean that known bug where you have to redo pt and all is fine again. I farm Tanor for a long time trio (Yul, Iss, Tank) and never had any problems. I have good crowd controll. But since the last Update i don´t get the MP back, i use for skills and cant farm longer time anymore. Can this be the result of the overhit change?
  6. spot taken

    What totaly suck is, that ppl fight grps and can only kill 1-2 of that mobs. If you can't handel a grp, don't fight them and steel other ppl exp...there are solo regions too
  7. power or break skills?

    Good overview here. This was discussed many times before. https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/660107/
  8. Best Trio for Yul

    If have good dmg on yul you can use tank, iss, Yul to agro grps and AOE. That's what i prefer.
  9. Dying, while impossible to die

    I have rhe same problem since update. My save setup (Yul, iss, tank), I used for weeks die now every time i set macro farm. No changes but die even with event buff, that i don't need to get grps down...
  10. Minds Eye eat Survival Instinct?

    How i wrote i have this problem since maintance. today i noticed that dragon shirt buff cancels savage buff too... its rly strange... so i will write a ticket about that case.
  11. race change

    thats what i thought, but not what i wanted to hear but ty for your answers!
  12. race change

    hi, if i change my tanks class from Human too Darkelf will i keep my Knights Aura so that Paladins Auro get changed for Templars Aura? Or can i only change class while red liberia and loose all skills?
  13. Minds Eye eat Survival Instinct?

    Today i noticed that Minds Eye eats Survival Instinct. Normaly they can be used together, or not?? and i am missing 3 Dex since last miantance too.... Some one have same Problems?
  14. i am not sure if its sad or funny....
  15. Rune Stone

    14 ppl in cc needed