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  1. Minds Eye eat Survival Instinct?

    How i wrote i have this problem since maintance. today i noticed that dragon shirt buff cancels savage buff too... its rly strange... so i will write a ticket about that case.
  2. race change

    thats what i thought, but not what i wanted to hear but ty for your answers!
  3. race change

    hi, if i change my tanks class from Human too Darkelf will i keep my Knights Aura so that Paladins Auro get changed for Templars Aura? Or can i only change class while red liberia and loose all skills?
  4. Minds Eye eat Survival Instinct?

    Today i noticed that Minds Eye eats Survival Instinct. Normaly they can be used together, or not?? and i am missing 3 Dex since last miantance too.... Some one have same Problems?
  5. i am not sure if its sad or funny....
  6. Rune Stone

    14 ppl in cc needed
  7. Restore Item

    For my weapon i made a request and asked if this item can get restored and i got a positive feedback. I would never make it without.
  8. Restore Item

    al least they offer this service for all player without any costs. Its fair for all. and as it looks there is no restriction about the purpose you use that service. So if i am not wrong you can use twice a year a gewr and look what happens?
  9. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    game is online again
  10. In the past i asked for a promo event, where we can get basic materials like Rune Stone and Elcyum etc. Like the screams for PK-System and partybonus, NC had now an ear for the costomers. Unbelivable! But... 36.000 NCoins for 107 Elcyum to get my Bloody Weap R99 +12 to R110 +10. That´s 450€ for a weapon upgrade. Serious?????? Items like that are massive needed in a high amout. There is no realy chance to farm them. I have would like to spend some money for that game, like all games have theyr costs. But 450€ for upgrading a weapon makes no sense at all.... We need a way (pay/farm) to get this items in the needed amount (and fishing is not the way i mean).
  11. Restore Item

    well its a rly bad thing if you can´t be sure if you can get the service befor you break your weapon you worked maybe years for...
  12. 36.000 NCoins for 107 Elcyum to get my Bloody R99 +12 to +10 R110. That´s 450€ for a weapon upgrade. Serious??????
  13. Restore Item

    You keeped Soul Crystals?
  14. Restore Item

    Where can i get that token to restorate a item and what are the costs? Will SAs stay an a restorated weapon? I wrote some tickets to support, but they are not abel to make a clear statemant...
  15. 16th Anniversary Boxes

    Today was my day to open 100 Aden Treasure Boxes i farmed 2 weeks (day/night). All i got was 2x r99 bots light and damn coins. WTF is that ????