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  1. Completely agree with what @Bepplersaid also @Hime& @Juji please consider that there are many Country's on completely lockdown and more and more new players (Customers) join daily give them a free boost so they can enjoy the server please.
  2. Unfortunatly this is my feedback, congrats on adding Random craft system, item changes , skill changes , other changes (that are completly useless) and congrats once again for keeping the 85 lvl raidbosses with low drops ! keep it up NCSOFT you are the best !!!
  3. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses Hunting zones : go ahead use /invul and farm on the "new hunting zones" because normal people are killing 1 moob in tower of insolance like a raidboss, whats going on with the hp of that moobs? actually with the stats of that mobs? they are mini raidbosses or what? we cannot farm those places because the moobs are too OP. Raid bosses : what to talk about them? 85 lvl raidbosses droping 1 armor part A grade (Sealled) and varnish armord D / B / C grade ? 85 lvl raidbosses that supposed to be end game raidbosses droping sealed A grade parts thats ridiculous
  4. i Must agree, box loot are trash, wasted over 700 euro and got nothing ! Recommend NOT TO BUY THEM ! its a huge SCAM ! @Juji Cloth piece 8 euro per 1 piece? what kind of joke is that?
  5. This is so funny, iEddiev2 crying on forums about adena drop in Lair of Antharas but he gets 20kk adena selling POWER LVL per Hour +gemstone A + depends on luck TOP A Grade weapon. 20kk adena per Hour isn't enought? how much you would like to get? 100kk ? @Juji the adena drop in Lair of Antharas is pretty good, you get a loot of exp and people use to sell power lvl in that place, so they get minimun 20kk adena per hour ! leave it as it is please.
  6. There we go, once again with the same issue "Adena Drop" i used to farm 9 hours nonstop in Dark Omen Necropolis ( 80 LVL farm spot ) there's the results : https://gyazo.com/b8fecb8bc2e395a79677452bf12f7a34 After 9 hours of farm i got 664,300 Adena x9 chars, the total of adena is 5,978,700 Adena The costs of that 9 hours farm : 56,000 Blessed SpiritShot in adena 5,880,000 Adena 2,500 Spirit Ore : 1,400,000 Adena So after 9 hours of farm all i got was 1 Pheonix Ring (market price 800.000 Adena) and a loot of materials and Key parts (that i cannot sell on Grocery
  7. Enought with the Pay to play events ,we want some free to play events aswell !!! we need adena drop , we need item drop , we need spoil drop rate a bit higher ! Stop act like a "big company" and listen to us, we are the ones who pay your monthly/weekly salary, we dont request hilariouse changes, we just want to enjoy the game ! I'm personally vip 7 right now with 138k VIP POINTS !!!! I will STOP BUY NC COINS UNTILL YOU GUYS WILL FIX THE IMPORTANT ISSUES !
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