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  1. I really miss antharas lair
  2. Boxes for Eviscerator?

    put some money and get a enhanced shadow fist (cheap and good fist will improve A LOT your damage) and a +8 light set too... this is the chepeast thing u can do...other things are just really expensive...

  4. Leveling after 95

    I can only say solo Healer is hard to find... tbh you cant play lineage solo healer. At least u need 1 dd, 1 iss to farm with you. Enter in a clan, get luck and find some people willing to carry you. This server does not exist new players and the old ones are closed in their cps, or solo farm. They do not accept people who do not have any equipment. So if you want to keep playing, you'll just have to open your wallet. GL and have fun.
  5. wtb r95+8 heavy boots

    wtb r95+8 heavy boots send mail offer for: Elz4 thx

    Good night guys, i have a noob question...what is the big difference between use hair acc with def or mdef? all the people go for def, why not mdef? thx
  7. R99 +6 or R95 +8?

    what you guys think is better and why?? r99 heavy +6 or r95 heavy +8?
  8. Level 44 And No Idea What To Do

    hi, lvl 40-46 u should do quests and hunting at alligator island u can check what to do on path to awakening map: http://www.lineage2.com/en/game/path-to-awakening/?section=intro
  9. wtb r99 light +8

    send offers here or in game char: Guria
  10. Wtb longing

    4b mail vesgon
  11. Wtb longing

    4b mail Pirralha
  12. why we play l2?

    i play because i have good friends, a lot of fun doing differents things... not only the same every day when I started playing lineage (c2), I was very happy with the "L2 world", I used to spend more time walking around the game, discovering new places, new mobs, new quests, than actually playing, pvps, etc. currently the game gives you the logical sequence of quests to get lvl fast, and many places and quests are abandoned. u need get lvl and items fast to do what? die easy for a rich guy.... soo i still running to get good stuffs... endgame will never come for me, but still fun because i can see a different way to play than the majority of players.
  13. Windy LUC Dye

    omg, so it's really hard to get one! I thought that could be other ways... thx dude
  14. Windy LUC Dye

    hey guys, how can i obtain/craft windy luc dyes??