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  1. Are the Event Appeareance Stones permanent? (can we save them until we get armor after event?)
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    i returned like 5-6 weeks ago, last time i played i was still on server bartz at most i might have logged for less than 5 mins when my brother tempted me to play again but that was all, i remember i stopped because botters started to pk with the character they geared up on the last haven to get adena (s80 jewelry on monastery of silence), then the exp in harnak was too slow, like 3% a week of farm and finally the last sweet thing to obtain exp (open field raid bosses) started to be farmed only by the clans of the same botters(before i could shout and use pf to create cc with random people and enjoy). Anyhow, about the ability points, what happens is every time i learn a new dual class i get this issue where i still have the ability points from main class allocated on the newly aquired dual class but this is resolved by switching to main and back to dual class, however, what happened this time is that i still had the ability points from previous dual class still allocated and i was even able to reset them to re allocate them (had 21 points to allocate on a newly aquired class level 85).
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    Thanks for all the free items and also the gm buffs!, i'm to lazy to submit a ticket but had a small issue with changing my dual where i still had all my ability points even after restarting the client or changing to main then back to dual, i don't know if it's an intended feature or not.
  4. Add Quests

    indeed fellow l2 player!, something must be done at least with the rune stones, anything will be better than nothing. About items, i never understood why they removed the bound/shadow/common items, i think it was perfect system to allow everyone gear up, it makes me remember when everyone went to garden of genesis or SoA just to do quest and obtain a bound item, it was better than nothing. People nowadays complain about adena drop, but adena only benefits the rmt people or contributes with the price inflation, nothing good will come with more adena drop if no gear drops at all.
  5. May I have my Hero coins back???

    @PhoenixMitra & @Juji i summon thy!, is there anything to be done? like support ticket, or tweet on social media with the issue? From what i understood player bought item with hero coins, item wasn't working properly, player contacted GM, there was no reply, hero coins were lost on useless item. it's like kid going to the arcade, accumulating tickets for top prize for a year just to be denied of that prize.
  6. Lil bit small inventory issue

    Either event items like balloons or musical instruments should increase your inventory/warehouse by one, have them not use inventory slot or allow you to buy them back from an npc any time. This is because it is not a small quantity of event items you can accumulate, specially if you give so many items at once, what should we do? delete them? what would be the point of giving them on the first place. Thanks for your compression :). PD: do something with the rune stones issue!, before awakening classes all we needed was 1 book to learn the skill, not 8 of them, also is not fun to having skills you already had on second and third class be deleted just so a few years latter you add them again with a rune stone wall that stops you from learning them.
  7. WTS/T BOW

    Trade done.
  8. WTS/T BOW

    Bloody Krishna Thrower +12, 3 SA, element 305. WTS in 115B or trade for Bloody Krishna Stormer +12, 3SA +10B Have a nice day
  9. Hey

    Ok, ignore this thread, everyone is happy, server is perfect, Thank you NCSOFT for the excellent service :).
  10. Hey

    Sure and next you will tell me area 51 has aliens, elvis is still alive and 9/11 was an inside job right?
  11. Hey

    can we obtain a hardware comparison between the multiple regions and ask what are you running in your server besides Lineage2? Do you even have a dedicated server or use third party services like amazon/azure/google? Asking this because even with the 3 client limit bypass fix 1 hour in game after maintenance servers were already under heavy load and now melee already starting to have the horrible delay, are some people still managing to bypass client limit or something else that you haven't told is going on. This concern is real because a smooth experience is more important than anything anywhere you go, not providing a smooth experience will haunt people slowly and they will start to notice many negative things on the game.
  12. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    Can't you ask for a refund of hero coins if you used them to buy something that was disabled without notice?
  13. About rune stones

    It would be nice to remove the regular rune stones to learn abilities requirement in order to allow low level character that aren't strong enough learn their skills since a new improved rune stone for higher level skills was added. Knowing that some might have pushed to 110 just to farm in the new toi instance or used the market to hoard rune stones, if regular rune stone requirement is removed it might be nice to them if you allow them to trade the existing rune stones or drop of rune stones for something useful like elcyum powder/crystal. PD: i liked the change in the exalted quest items where everyone in party can receive them.
  14. Exalted quest progress

    Future exp increase events should consider increasing the amount of the quest items obtained, this is for no other reason that with the exp bonus increase you find yourself over-leveling the area in no time while only having completed around 25% of the quest progress. While i can move to higher level areas for a less crowded experience than blazing swamp for a slightly better experience and drops, the speed on which i can obtain the quest items is decreased( around a 80% decrease since mobs are stronger and they have slower spawn rate). Additional info: 1) i have been doing the quest line in a party of 3 (which already lowers the exp obtained) 2) i have no gear issues (besides want to obtain my own since the one i'm currently using is borrowed)