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  1. Hi, here's a bug that occured after the update fafurion, before update we could make a macro with a non-evolved agathion to use his skill, like Taurus BR or Gemini Salvation for exemple, But after the update, the macro doesn't recognize the skill since you don't have the agathion on before using the macro, and nullifies the skill inside of the macro the macro (/useskill (null)). So my macro is simple, replace existing agathion by the one I want to use the skill exemple: put taurus delay /useskill br delay put back my evolved agathion put back my charm, it use to work well before update, but not working anymore because of the (null) inside the macro which I tried to replace with the skill of course, but the moment the agathion is off, it becomes (null) again. So I hope you can fix that, because it use to work perfectly before update but not anymore.
  2. New PK System question

    Pking is a choice you make, having no penalty at all is none sense, doesn't mean you have to pk with the toon you are going to xp with after and you can always clear karma easily having the pker in a group or doing a safe instance, even kartia solo clears karma
  3. New PK System question

    Losing karma doesn't make you lose the penalty, only removing the pks does it. While penalty in effect 100% loss of xp on death. It would also make losing karma much harder by killing mobs with the stats lowering effect. And pkers would have to spend their so precious adena to buy pk scrolls or do the Judge quest to lose the pk counts
  4. New PK System question

    I don't know if GMs @Juji will take the time to read this but here is a simple suggestion to what could be some form of penalty when you pk. Keep the no lost of item, it's good since we all worked hard over the years to get what we have. Add a penalty similar to the Shilen Breath, the higher the count of pks, the worst the penalty level of it, Except of course for the Cursed weapon users. lose of speed, attack, defense, HP/MP/CP reduce with each level of penalty lv1 penalty at first pk 10% lv2 penalty at 5 pks 20% lv3 penalty at 10 pks 40% and so on up to lv5 penalty, penalty is removed according to pk counts I think it could be a great system to avoid griefers in the game and keep a pvp system healthy.
  5. well the thing is a bit weird, because on one of my toon it is still the old price and on the exact same account that toon is, all others have this huge overprice on same forgotten skills, now tell me this isn't a bug bro And once again it's not in the patch notes we got on forum
  6. and there is nothing in the patch notes about a change in prices for those forgotten skills
  7. No it is not normal price, i remember what i paid before update, plus on my eviscerator 99 it is still normal price and not on my main account.
  8. Can you look at forgotten skills lv1 to lv5, the price for lv1 is supposed to be 10m and it is 40m at the moment, and it doubles for each level.. lv1 is 40m / 10m lv2 is 80m / 20m lv3 is 160m / 40m Lv4 is 320m / 80m Lv5 is 640m / 160m Kinda huge difference to what it is supposed to be and hoping for a refund for this bug
  9. here is an easier guide don't macro afk simple as that lol
  10. Maestro skill

    Hello, I have a maestro 100, I always had a one handed blunt on it but since made his dual class a duelist 99 I decided to try dual blunt weapon on it, so I can use it on both classes. One thing I noticed about a skill named Power Hammer Crush, is that it can only be used with blunt weapon in its description, but when it comes to using it with my dual blunt, the skill is greyed out even though it's a blunt weapon. I know that this skill was meant to be used by one handed in the past but if you want to make it right, please make it accessible with dual blunt also because there is nothing that mention one handed in its description and I really though dual blunt would work with this new update. Or just make it clear it's for one handed blunt only in its description.