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  1. I think a good way to improve the greedy chests would be to make them a bit like other previous chests, you click on it to enter an instance where you need to kill one of 3 chests for a drop, the instance would have a timer of 7 days, so the same character couldn't get more than one chest a week, this way more people could access to those rewards in a fair way, that wouldn't require much programmation from devs. And I am sure it would be way more fair this way. I hope my suggestion will be seen by @Jujior @Hime.
  2. wtf another down, how long will it be this time? lol
  3. Losing these herbs will be catastrophic for most people, unless they reduced the mobs element pdef, we will all take a huge step back in dps, because that herb is not only 150 element attack but also adds 10% pve dmg which is huge. Please @Juji work your magic and let us keep those herbs else we're all fuked. And I hope this update finally will get rid of the stupid melee lag, I know I am dreaming here but imagine that, we lose the herbs and keep melee lag. Sounds like a fun game to play right? NOT.
  4. The Power of Abundance skill from Abundance Talismans (Lv. 1~4) can now be automated on the hotbar while auto hunting any plans to do this with cubics also one day?
  5. Herbs is a good temporary solution, I hope this is just temporary and you plan to do something real in the future. I can understand that some changes require a lot of work and this is temporary. But let me just say what about base xp, why don't you increase it at least in lower areas 105-110 so people can catch up. What about the rune stones, everyone needs them but the only ways to get those are Dim raids once every 2 weeks for 1h, what if you can never be there at that time cus of life. You can try to do Balok a boss 97 that once you reach 103 no longer drop Rune stone, yean with 2 grou
  6. https://youtu.be/EMkA53pY7lw (not even getting items at all in the video but you can hear the sound of an item gain each time) https://youtu.be/AvrXLm4HwKk (items stop at around 4min30 in the video and don't come back for the rest of it) here are 2 videos I made with alt characters to show how bad this is when it decides to stop, exalted quest take forever for sure when you don't get the items you are supposed to get. when it stops, it's for a long period of time but eventually it comes back to normal. Still it's a bug that is annoying.
  7. I don't think we get the bonus from vitality of the exalted lv2. this 100% should be part of the % amount we can see at the bottom of our screen, but it's not. So unless it's added to the base xp before the bonus xp, we just don't get it at all since a long time. Can you check this please @Juji. Thank you
  8. hi today I noticed that after the maintenance some of my alts who still have GM buffs, they all lost what was left of their Red Elysium buff but kept all other gm buffs, some still had that buff for 20h+, it was not supposed to be deleted during maintenance as it was not part of the 16th anniversary event, it was GM buffs. PLease do something or compensate for this lost. I mean 20h is 40 rose worth of buffs. Ty for checking it @Juji
  9. Here is a solution to rune stones issue, since we didn't get any replacements for the clan supply box in clan shop, I suggest @Juji / @Hime and the devs to consider putting rune stone not tradable (it won't affect market) into the clan shop for clan lv8 to replace the supply box they deleted with this update. this way for a certain amount of fame it would be possible to get some rune stones to learn our skills and it would greatly help new players and old players alts characters to get their skills, you could even make it to use fame and let's say 10m adena to take one. people would be very ha
  10. As I said in some other posts, there should be some quests other than exalted to get good stuff overtime, I mean cloak scrolls, jewels like ruby lv1 and such, even could be a quest to do to get some shots like once a week or once a month at least, And it could set some goals other than just grinding to next level. Making the stuff you get not tradable would make it useless for farmers and bots to get rich over it and it would please a lot of people in game struggling with the low adena rate they can get from grinding on mobs.
  11. I think it means if you still have old boxes, that is what you get from opening them now
  12. I think it's meant to be like that, just need to be lucky to make it +3 without failing hehe
  13. still the 100% blessing scrolls from bosses like lindvior, valakas, lilith, anakim
  14. Bring back some quests system, make the items not tradable to avoid people making profit with reward, this game has become a grinding for no reason except change macro location now, at least quests made it fun to grind having some little goals to achieve, get some reward like, I don't know, scrolls for enchanting cloaks, circlets, shirts, bracelet, maybe some crystal of dawn or noble stones. At least not being tradable would have no impact on economy system and people wouldn't have to spend the adena that is really low day by day for the most people. Could be one per week, or day depending on
  15. @Juji @Hime An item from the 15th anniversary pack, the Raid master armor, we can't delete, can't drop, can't put in private warehouse, Can you at least make it so we can put it in wh to avoid using an inventory slot forever for something totally useless, ty
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