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  1. it's simple with L2, when something need to be fixed, either they remove it or fix it and screw up 3 more other things in the process
  2. are you aware that you are asking for 20$ for 1 legendary scroll that has a 5% chance of success, 10 for 150$ isn't better since doing maths, you would need 300$ to actually make the cloak legendary with that 5% chance of success. Once again it's virtual crap that takes no time to program and you are asking terribly huge amount of money for those. Here is an idea since it doesn't involve actual ressources other than a programmer brain to make it, reduce all those crazy prices and make tham accessible to the whole community instead of making them for rich people all the time.
  3. My favortite class is Titan, I started playing this game back in C2 with this class on main, I always thought this class was the most polyvalent of all classes, you can do strong damage on single target, you can aoe with a stormer, it was always a good class for raids, I miss the old skills like over the body and zealot but it is still a great class to play and have fun with. Server: Chronos Main: Drakkus
  4. So we get an unscheduled maintenance for something that should have been done during last maintenance and we don't even get angel cat for golden dandy balls. When you screw up everyone party xp for hours cus not everyone will be online after server are back up. Come on @Juji
  5. if it's the case, it's an exploit, they should ban those who did this
  6. I hope we at least get 4 golden balls from angel cat after this, cus it's annoying to always get those unscheduled maintenances when you almost do nothing during regular maintenances
  7. You knew from the beginning those pots were to be deleted, it's the first thing they say on the website of the event. If you didn't know, just learn to read events notes and patch notes or maintenance on forum when they happen, you'll save yourself a lot of issues like wasting 400+ pots. Just use them before timer is off that's all
  8. Here is what I personnally do, I keep a stock of weightless shots on me in all time, but I craft my regular shots until I reach 66% weight, this way you're not slower than usual have cheap shots running during hunting and if you run out you still have the weightless one in inventory as backup. That's much cheaper to do it this way. Cus 150 Crystals for 10k shots, when you only need 40 Crystals for 10k regular shots, that's a lot more expensive, it can be a good backup of course, but I still prefer the mysterious shots as backup.
  9. just do what everyone else buying ncoin do, get the stuff that sells, like cakes during a xp event, sell them and buy what you need with the adena, in your case an already enchanted cloak, cus it was already hard to enchant stuff in the game and when they changed lady luck, it became even worst. Good luck enchanting hehe
  10. Once more, mobs hit harder, making it harder for ordinary people to xp, the difference between a xp event and regular xp is too great, during a xp event u can easily make 5% to 10% a day with vit and buff pots, during regular xp you hardly make 0.5% for a whole day even if you have vit do dailies and grind all day. You should increase the basic xp table and reduce a bit the boost of xp event to match actual xp event. So at least we can see our xp grow while grinding normally. Many people just lose interest to even log when it's not xp event cus it takes so long to see 1% it's just not worth sp
  11. to @Juji and @LIME we have an option to trade exalted weapon on Lionel Hunter, thing is there is no option to trade the enchanted exalted weapon so when it's time to play dual class and the weapon is already enchanted we can't do the exchange, is it possible to add the option to trade enchanted exalted weapon also please. 500m to buy a new one is fair price but also hard to gather that kinda of adena at that level, 100m for an exchange is way more fair.
  12. @Juji L2 cat buffs not working properly, still only getting lv1 with 7 people in group, ty to fix that asap
  13. Canada, no VPN hunting on my titan in Forest of Mirrors and still feeling some latency when swinging the slasher. After today maintenance melee can still feel some latency, I felt it more on my titan than my evis, but I think you increased dual or fists speed so I guess it's why on Evis it seems about right. It is better but still have some work to do for sure. TY
  14. I am sure they would rather have a stable server lag free, than a rank right now
  15. @Hime @Juji Here is a temporary solution to fix the lag we all have, shutdown the ranking system until you find a way to have stability with lag and ranking system, everyone knows that without ranking system this lag would be gone, cus the first 2 days of event ranking system was down, and even with full capacity and queue we had no lag at all, it was the best 2 days we had in years considering the melee lag or skill lag. We of course had other issues like opening boxes, AH, WH and more. But at least we could grind without this terrible lag. Not considering this shutdown of ranking system
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