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  1. Manor mode in PT

    easy way to resolve your problem, remove manner mode, simple as that lol
  2. if you return to game, then use the toons you had, no need to create new ones
  3. ISS debuffs

    no both are single target, they also both become aoe if you use chaos symphony, while the mobs have chaos debuff, your crippling attack and crash will both do aoe and hit them also along with your target if in range of the attack of course. Crash does more damage than Crippling attack but also cost more mp
  4. Rune Stones

    just go do dim raids and you can get a rune stone each time pretty much, balok drop rune stone, ekimus drop rune stone.
  5. Upcoming Red Libra Event

    Red libra is always change to whatever class you want, always been like that. they added the feature to swap main class for 300m in this upcoming red libra, and it also will be 300m for dual class change. So just wait and you can choose the class you want, one thing though, it that you will lose every skills and the enchants on them and you won't recover anything from losing those including rune stones needed. so it might be 300m to change, but it will cost you a lot more to get skills and enchant them. So to anyone who change, I just say good luck.
  6. go see Star wars instead of complaining guys
  7. Don't say that Gem, you'd fail it (joke) haha
  8. such a mess with those potential fix, try to fix one thing, screw up 3 others instead lol
  9. So I noticed that in some areas I macroed, some mobs get on a rock or higher ground at some point and do not move down at all, the macro end up doing nothing no exp gain because not hitting anything. If the mobs would move down it would help or make it that the next target macro can target them at least so we don't waste our time on those spots.
  10. S80 Armor PVP removal

    NPCs are not there anymore, you need to send a ticket to GM to remove it I think
  11. Exalted lv2 bug

    ok here's a bug that happened after removing the olympiads links for workd olympiads next month, can't take quest from olympiad manager for lv2 exalted quest, still can do matches in CoC but can't even take quest since the quest link has been removed, can you put back the quest link so it's possible to take the quest please. ty
  12. wind fire earth and holy stone

    You can get those stones by doing the quest in Gracia, in the seed of annihilation. Quest name: not strong enough alone (very easy to do within 2min since it's a 85-90 area). You can also drop some stones in many areas just take a look at L2wiki drop list to find out which mobs to hunt.
  13. Types of enchant

    there is also Ancient scrolls, won't lose the enchant on fail and add 10% boost to enchant this is for +15 stuff or more
  14. Unlimited MP in some areas

    I think they fixed altar of evil and bloody swampland but still Hellbound and enchanted Valley have a huge MP regen, I don't know about blazing swamp since I didn't go on any toons lately, but those zones still need to be fixed for MP regen for sure