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  1. @Juji L2 cat buffs not working properly, still only getting lv1 with 7 people in group, ty to fix that asap
  2. Canada, no VPN hunting on my titan in Forest of Mirrors and still feeling some latency when swinging the slasher. After today maintenance melee can still feel some latency, I felt it more on my titan than my evis, but I think you increased dual or fists speed so I guess it's why on Evis it seems about right. It is better but still have some work to do for sure. TY
  3. I am sure they would rather have a stable server lag free, than a rank right now
  4. @Hime @Juji Here is a temporary solution to fix the lag we all have, shutdown the ranking system until you find a way to have stability with lag and ranking system, everyone knows that without ranking system this lag would be gone, cus the first 2 days of event ranking system was down, and even with full capacity and queue we had no lag at all, it was the best 2 days we had in years considering the melee lag or skill lag. We of course had other issues like opening boxes, AH, WH and more. But at least we could grind without this terrible lag. Not considering this shutdown of ranking system
  5. I see a lot of people complain about box camera toons, I agree it's a plague on Chronos, here is an idea, create a toon make it 105+ use exalted gear and become a pro pker, kill all cameras in an area log out, come back a few hours later do the same thing again over and over. Worst that can happen, u get a little slower lose some pdef on a toon you don't really care about, you drop crap cus exalted gear can't drop, event shots can't drop. No one but camera owners will hunt u down cus you're cleaning the area. Most of those cameras don't have gear and buffs so they are easy to kill. If owner do
  6. if they do that, they kill their casino events business, they will never publish such results lol
  7. After the downtime, CPU and memory upgrade, we had no lag even with ranking system on, but the fact is we were light and normal for a while, the moment server went heavy again melee lag was back. I think we need better servers, stop being cheap, and do the move to fix things up once and for all. Whenever there is XP event, you should remove the right to create new characters during that xp event or make possible for one day alone, on maintenance day for a few hours only. This would decrease the population during xp event, cus we all know people create tons of mentees during that time. An
  8. 1. Quebec, Canada 2. no VPN 3. the moment ranking system went back on, lag was back, I felt no lag before it. make this thing only update on reset and it may solve the lag. 4. felt no lag in AI or FoM or Ketra or instances since wednesday, ranking system got back on constantly updating and boom lag was back everywhere I go. My solution for now, shutdown the ranking to see if it helps, if it does make it only update 1 time per day on reset that's simple.
  9. I think a good way to improve the greedy chests would be to make them a bit like other previous chests, you click on it to enter an instance where you need to kill one of 3 chests for a drop, the instance would have a timer of 7 days, so the same character couldn't get more than one chest a week, this way more people could access to those rewards in a fair way, that wouldn't require much programmation from devs. And I am sure it would be way more fair this way. I hope my suggestion will be seen by @Jujior @Hime.
  10. wtf another down, how long will it be this time? lol
  11. Losing these herbs will be catastrophic for most people, unless they reduced the mobs element pdef, we will all take a huge step back in dps, because that herb is not only 150 element attack but also adds 10% pve dmg which is huge. Please @Juji work your magic and let us keep those herbs else we're all fuked. And I hope this update finally will get rid of the stupid melee lag, I know I am dreaming here but imagine that, we lose the herbs and keep melee lag. Sounds like a fun game to play right? NOT.
  12. The Power of Abundance skill from Abundance Talismans (Lv. 1~4) can now be automated on the hotbar while auto hunting any plans to do this with cubics also one day?
  13. Herbs is a good temporary solution, I hope this is just temporary and you plan to do something real in the future. I can understand that some changes require a lot of work and this is temporary. But let me just say what about base xp, why don't you increase it at least in lower areas 105-110 so people can catch up. What about the rune stones, everyone needs them but the only ways to get those are Dim raids once every 2 weeks for 1h, what if you can never be there at that time cus of life. You can try to do Balok a boss 97 that once you reach 103 no longer drop Rune stone, yean with 2 grou
  14. https://youtu.be/EMkA53pY7lw (not even getting items at all in the video but you can hear the sound of an item gain each time) https://youtu.be/AvrXLm4HwKk (items stop at around 4min30 in the video and don't come back for the rest of it) here are 2 videos I made with alt characters to show how bad this is when it decides to stop, exalted quest take forever for sure when you don't get the items you are supposed to get. when it stops, it's for a long period of time but eventually it comes back to normal. Still it's a bug that is annoying.
  15. I don't think we get the bonus from vitality of the exalted lv2. this 100% should be part of the % amount we can see at the bottom of our screen, but it's not. So unless it's added to the base xp before the bonus xp, we just don't get it at all since a long time. Can you check this please @Juji. Thank you
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