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  1. NCwest is a scammer company dont start playing the game you will lose a lot of money
  2. Fixed an issue where the penalty was not removed for clan leave and clan kick for the Call of Clans event. Fixed an issue where the "Defeat 3 Raid Bosses" clan mission had the wrong progression bar. Fixed another issue that the enchant rater for dragon slayer weapon was too high and people were succeeding a lot and we dont want that, we want all people to keep paying and failing again and again
  3. they dont even say we will investigate for 1 more week, lmfao
  4. cant agree more with you bro, not only ncsoft fcked up those prices with brooch jewel but the retards in giran market
  5. oh thats good, you just wait for the server boost settings to end then take action for the problem at the current time which is unnecessary lmfao
  6. its not only the chests, why ppl are dumb? greedy chests is the only good thing ncsoft did last 10 years. What they must do is to stop giving consumeables via mentee marks. Ppl or Rmtrs are lvling up toons to make accounts with full consumables and sell them for better price...make tradeable consumables via adena, let ppl make toons only if they want to lvl up their clans etc
  7. you should have gotten level if there wasnt any queue.... @Hime @Juji i think you know what you must do guys, EXTEND THE SERVER BOOST without any queue or lags or whatever we all want a steady normal server
  8. i was with linkon exping together, thats true we were waiting for him to log over 1h and 30mnts every time he get dc and if he wasnt afk imagine the xp loss he got...ppl cant exp or take advantage of the compensation, this is absurd
  9. no re noob, just stating the really situation! im not the one whos gonna fix ncfailers problems
  10. it is worth ofc, if your monthly salary is 500k $ and you give the 10k$ to NCfailers...
  11. 2x dc i receive right this moment lmfao and they taking away the 100% bonus lol
  12. you gave this boost because of the problems due to latency delays and lags that server is experiencing, what make you think everything work as intended and you taking this boost away during an event?
  13. Where are you located: Greece Are you using a VPN?: NO How frequent is the latency you're experiencing?: Very frequent Where and what are you doing in game where you experience latency? Moving delay, next target delay, open items/boxes etc delay, email receive delay
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