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Blast from the Past - HINDEMITH


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For the old to remember and for the new ones to learn how it was....The good old times! Hindemith 2005-2007

By the way if someone recognize his self feel free to post. Have many photos found in a lost and found CD like 12-13 yrs ago xD

GT4 and Karrigan are from the few who actually still exist in Chronos nowadays! Plus some Cores :D









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I guess there are no more peoples from Hindemith xept those that exist in Nova ally clans like Karigan - bigpoppa etc. and Core clan like Nort <3 , dingin , Krago etc...

So stick with them and the Hindemith community will never get dead in this server :P


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Hindemith and especially RD - TITANS was the shyt back to the days..... I think if those 2 clans existed along with Inquisitio and the old FS would conquer all Chronos since forever kinda!

Now try to hunt novas - africa - and Ms/Mapogos and if u catch them let me know xD

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Wow just coming back and poking around the forums and seeing this. I was ElvenBlade (SWS) on Hindemith during this era, remember all those names, what a blast from the past!!  

Made a character on Chronos to play around if anyone from these days is still around?!

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