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Which bow to farm and level from 40


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Dear community,

I am Hawkeye at level 43. Thinking about low rate from 40 mobs (0.2x i think), i dont know which bow to choose to level up into 50 or even 60. I am using SSD.

1) OE Elven Bow

2) OE Light Cross Bow

3) Normal C Bow

Thanks for help in advance.


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OE Elven or OE Longbow, 13a a shot max, maybe 10/11 depending on your sourcing of shots/arrows.

Bow mastery is a nice one as it'll scale up your p.atk a lot without purely relying on your weapon so much, if you can get a C bow which matches the OE p.atk and use w/o ss that would work also if your looking at the most cost effective levelling up.

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