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VNChiken from max " THE VIDEO!!! "


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Pissed of chrysty? don u ever found better pvp video? it was nos los banditos.  Old video dude .... 

It seems also than Beni is not in max anymore.....

Why realmayer and IQ in the same party? u loose members again? lol

I wonder what max will do on next DIM Siege :)  lol


Anyway, you show that max will be totally useless.... you just loose the few credibility u had... good job nab!

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On 09/03/2018 at 7:47 AM, dUdot said:

Orc archer... ORC archer... with Giant Critical Dmg buff...

what a useless comment after watching 30 min video.

This is what u find a race problem? haha better to ask ur clan orc dds to change to other useless human race before u asked me.

Weather to use giant crit or play with knight or whatever ppl still die from orc archer skill crit dmg.

this video is to show our CP game play and our fun in siege by raping MAX not to tell u or show u my playing style or taking ur opinion in anything that I do in game

Drunk ppl!

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