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GrannyChill    9

Ok, I admit I blew some money on Joy Boxes, but this isn't about that.  In those boxes I got some fishing stuff, so decided to take the dwarf fishing.  What the heck happened to fishing?????  No skills to learn, no playing and reeling, (which required a little skill and sense of timing to get fish), no permanent fishing poles!!, no common craft recipes, no occasional sea monsters instead of fish, no fun, no reason to stay at keyboard.

When did fishing turn into this afk-only piece of … junk?

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Devoid    122

The first version of fully AFK fishing was introduced midway through Ertheia I believe. Since then there have been at least 5 complete overhauls.

In classic, there is the Golden Mermaid's fishing pole that is permanent, gives +50% fishing XP/SP and has teleport skills to Gludin/Giran harbors. The price varies, but should be +/- 18m adena per rod.

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