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HELP !!!


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • reinstall the game. 
  • check your internet connection - high ping is bad (and Wifi is not a good choice - better use a cable)
  • delete the "SYSTEM"-folder in your game-folder and let the Updater repair it on game launch
  • check if you have any Network-Analyse-tools on your PC and uninstall them if so 
  • check if you are in a country that got some weired stuff problems with USA - your IP might be on a ban-list (you can try using a VPN and see if it gets better)
  • oh and from time to time there are just DCs. Accept it. 
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On 15.1.2019 at 10:53 PM, Nerka said:

How to check if am one of the country on the ban list?

hmm, not really sure. As far as i know there was once a post about this on the old forum but i can't find it atm. Maybe you check again --> old forum archive

Also (correct me if i am wrong) this is some political affair. Countries with sanctions against them from the USA might be affected. You can google that if your country is in trouble with the USA and has partly economical restrictions which could also interfere when connecting to Gameserver in the US. 

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