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M. atk and m.damage - INT


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M. atk seems to have far too low factor for final output of magic damage. Major factors seems to be just lvl, skill power and m atk of the weapon. But, final m. atak what is affected by INT stat and empower seems to have very little effect.

Current state make practially SPS the most OP nuker because of more WIT that is not balanced any way compared to INT or MEN. SPS with far better cast spd and m crit rate make practially same damage per spell as SPH wat is kind of absurd - it can not be by design.

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there are a very very very little differnce between 18k and 28k of m.atack. because of the formula of end damage. 

to be a good nuker u really need OE weapon > lvl> max lvl of yr spell. 

to resist it u need OE jewel and lvl

ofc buffs such as mystic dance, empower, berserc spirit have an influence on yr damage, because without them u will have no damage at all ) 

but more principially here to get weap and lvl. 

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