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best second support for PR


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Crucial songs / dances untill 58 lvl:



40 lvl  +30% m.def

46 lvl +20 speed

49 lvl +100% crit. rate

55 lvl +25% p. def   and  +30% max hp

58 lvl +15% mp recovery



40 lvl +30% crit. dmg.

46 lvl +4 acuracy

49 lvl +20% m. attack (for casting HEX)

52 lvl +30% casting speed  (for casting HEX)

55 lvl +12% p.att

58 lvl +15% att. speed


Personally, as 2nd box for PR i would choose SWS.

Mainly because Crit Rate at pve while you farm with regular hits.

In my opinion it is also better for PVP, for its defensive bonuses.

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