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Gear efficiency in hunting zones


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No, I don't really have the adena at the moment. And the farthest I've leveled to is level 30 as of yet, so I was wondering what the situation was starting level 40. If, by chance, it wouldn't get impossible to kill and even survive mobs without C grade. Thanks for reassuring that it won't. Also, when I got Moon Armor on Shillien Oracle at level 25, it made grinding at Abandoned Camp more efficient because I took less damage and had to heal less often, as well as sit down to recharge my own mana. Since I don't plan on leveling a dwarf (don't really want to, nor have that much time for, boxing one is pain too), I'm looking for the most efficient mob grind solution. Finally, I'm starting over and intend to change class from a Warrior with a blunt to a Gladiator with duals, so I'm trying to figure out whether I should I should get D grade duals (provided I hit level 40 before I get the adena) or stick with D blunt and possibly use it to powerlevel another class some time later (stun skill availability, weapon versatility for both fighter and mage, possible usage for some Gladiator skills until I get duals).

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Hi bro,

I hope this can help some of your issues. I am talking with assumption you have normal adena level. Since for 2nd char with much adena, the advice can be little bit diference.

For non-bow char, you can go to top D weapon in to 52. D weapon can help to saving ssd cost, just keep in mind to level up your weapon mastery skill (it helps increasing you p.atk or m.atk). For bow char, i think overenchanted elven bow/dark elven bow or reinforced longbow should be your choice since it consume less ssd. After level 52, you go to Enchanted Valley, when you see you can afford more ssd/ssc cost, then you can go to C weapon/top D bow.

Place to hunt (normal xp, normal adena): Hardin academy (40-44), Sea of spore (44-50), Forest of Mirror or Forest of Devil (50-52). You can try Aden dungeon, sometimes you can have decent C item. If you rush to level, go to AI daily and FOM daily (from lv 45), but you have to upgrade skill smartly and need other people to party.

The cheapest C armor set vary from 1.5m to 2.8m, Similarly for top C shop jewelry, you can start to gear from 45.

Last advice, you should have buff (prophet, bishop, EE, SE, orc shaman) and find the clan. Clan can provide party, advice and friendship.

Kind regards.

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Hi, Iceberg,

thank you for covering so much information. It will definitely be helpful as I level Gladiator :D

You were under the right assumption. The most adena I managed to make was 560k while playing Shillien Oracle up to level 30 but since I bought a no grade one-handed sword to make use of her abilities, I could only get Iron Hammer for the Warrior. I will most likely sell it later and buy a D grade as mentioned earlier. If I get lucky, possibly speed things up a bit by selling the sword as well.

I'll definitely join some clan after I hit level 25 because I'm tired of asking every first person I come across to form a party only to learn that they already have a box and don't want or need to. I assume some clan members will also have boxes but hopefully the odds of finding support mains will be higher xD 

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