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Avoiding PK using Macro System.


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Due to the low population on server and very hard start for new players, I was thinking in how can I help ppl.

So, thinking in how game mechanics works and keeping in mind this is an open thread and all of us can help with, this is my "solution":

Macro Anti-PK

/target NameofMob (here we need to be very creative and use it with care, someone can use a nick of a mob that you are hunting, like "cantera123")

/UseSkill 1

/UseSkill 2

/UseSkill 3




/target %self


So, the trick here is /target %self. when scamers moves you to a place without range to target the mob you are hunting, you will have target yourself, so they cant force you to target them when they hits you. Remember, you can take target from who is hitting you only if you don't have any target previously.

Be careful with /target nameofmob. You need to be smart with that and use a name that cant be created, something like "cantera belika"

NOTE: This is just an idea and I dont really test it. If someone can test it or have another way to avoid this scam, will be very appreciate.


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