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  3. PK Abuse

    If you want a busy spot, talk with that player or PvP If you have a spot and another player want your spot, talk with him or PvP If you dont want PvP, move to another spot If you lose in PvP, move to another spot If you win in PvP, you are the new owner of the spot Find a spot that fits with your damage. A lot of ppl take the biggest spots in PI and have no damage to keep it clean.

    Go for +12 R95 Dual Dagger. Better Patak, Higher Soulshot damage and its cheaper buy a R110 +12 Bloody/dark than make yourself from normal +4/5. With that dagger you will hit harder than any other of ur list.

    Multiplier doesnt affect skills. Only normal hits.
  6. I remember when you learn some skills with runes that were dropped by dragons only. Some spellbooks to learn lv40 skills were dropped only in mobs lv47... No macro, no shots, almost no buffs... Rune stones are easy to get and its really important understand and create your own way to get gear in-game.
  7. As i said. Ppl want an easy way to play a try hard game. Make a CP, farm balok and priorize your rune stones for your CP. For sure youll be with your 20 rune stones in less than a year. Ofc if you want to get all your Rune Stones in seconds, you should use your credit card and solved. If all was so easy, anyone will play this game. All those "try hard" to get something make you love this game even when you know that isnt worth your effor.
  8. 7% is a very good chance. This is not a game for you. Find some easy game that fit with your play style or your time. Stop crying.
  9. Rune Stone chance is 100% Try Hard.
  10. Back in time when I was lvl90 to 99, my gear was by far worst than exalted now. Years playing to have something like the gear free from exalted quest. The mainly problem is ppl isnt trying so hard in a game that is a try hard game in every single thing. There are a lot of ways to farm items and adena but ppl just want to complain about it and do nothing about it. Good luck in ur travel, for sure will be fun.
  11. Cloack enchant

    God, finally someone who understand how LUC works jaja.
  12. Its probably the best item ingame boost/dollar.
  13. @Hime or @Juji What about energy system? that feature will come with the new update? I think is a really big change to not be mentioned. cheers
  14. Same here. lag come back again with this new maintenance.
  15. Crystal of Determination

    I dont want to farm 3 Crystals of determination per week. If u dont want to buy items from ncstore, dont do it. easy. I need like 4000 Crystal of determination and I want to buy it from NCstore. Ofc they can make a pack of Crystals taking care of his customers