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  1. So, do you think a toon with a barrier with 95% damage reduction and celestial, AoE debuff with low reuse, AoE Damage Skills which doesnt be affected by terrain and two jumps (with stun and damage), should be able to land 100% critical skills? I think ppl always take top yuls vs average mages to make his comparison. Same gear Feoh > Yul... maybe in End Game Yul > Feoh but that story just can tell ya a small group of players from each servers.
  2. Autopickup is a function for all classes but doesnt work aswell for long range classes and even more when you are long range and kill fast enough. I think autopickup shouldnt be range limit based when you have loot rights. If long range classes have an advantage due his nature (long range lol) doesnt mean that they should be punished for that. So, +1 for autoloot for long range based classes. Btw, I Dont really care about drops when Im farming, but I think the system isnt working as intended.
  3. This nerf is a huge nerf for yuls. ppl who dont know about yul maybe cant understand but is exactly a reduction of 50% of your critical skills. For Top players with dragon wep stage2 and above, isnt a problem, they can just adjust a bit his setup losing a bit of damage and keep hitting criticals 99% anyway. for all the rest of yuls, is a hard nerf. there is a lot of things out of balance and ppl isnt complain about it. I cant remember the last time when a class got a nerf like this. yuls are OP when u get a lot of gear. for me, the problem is the lack of hunting grounds for specific
  4. This is a hard nerf for almost all Yuls in this server. Maybe Dragon Weps Stage2 and above can feel a bit less. Innova deploy this nerf like 1 month ago and ncwest deploy it fast like pro team. but when we have troubles, years waiting for a "soon" fix. GJ team.
  5. maybe the best item ingame for himself. +18 cloak is just insane boost in every single class. if they will exchange our cloak for a better boost. ok... then, gl with that.
  6. +1 we waste almost all boost this week. please remove limit of eruption pack and give us a new sales pack. btw ty for this event.
  7. i think u cant call noob anyone. naia knows ur all incredible useless/nosense daily worldchats
  8. He is free to play as he want, same like every player. If he is pking you, pked him too or accept you lose and move on. If he is a kid or not or if he have a nice real life or not really matter? if this is something that you dont accept or isnt so funny and you are not enjoying the game, just quit and move on. All ppl in Naia read your bllshits like "I love my damage" and things like that, and anyone is hunting you for that jaja Less tears and focus in game.
  9. If u are out of mana, you should solve this in a two ways: 1.- Go for easier mobs to farm 2.- Add a Healer recharging you The problem here is you havent enough damage to farm in the zone. Go full damage always.
  10. If you want a busy spot, talk with that player or PvP If you have a spot and another player want your spot, talk with him or PvP If you dont want PvP, move to another spot If you lose in PvP, move to another spot If you win in PvP, you are the new owner of the spot Find a spot that fits with your damage. A lot of ppl take the biggest spots in PI and have no damage to keep it clean.
  11. Go for +12 R95 Dual Dagger. Better Patak, Higher Soulshot damage and its cheaper buy a R110 +12 Bloody/dark than make yourself from normal +4/5. With that dagger you will hit harder than any other of ur list.
  12. Multiplier doesnt affect skills. Only normal hits.
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