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  1. Bloodstab is 100% land rate from behind. Bloodstab inflict bleed too and that isnt 100% land rate.
  2. Just a bit of curiosity... If i keep my keys pressed from F1 to F8 with masking tape, that isnt different from a simply macro of my mouse. so, should ill be banned using masking tape? I think if im afk, is my responsability if something goes wrong and lose "something" in game. I asked this to GMs in the past and they said something like "You can use macro from kb/mouse, but you cant use things that cant be make it with a normal kb/mouse". from that i understand: I cant use intelligence, something like: if ur hp is lower than X then do something. This is an Old game and ppl
  3. I cant understand why ppl complain about rates, no info of chances and things like that but, anyway they spend his money in that. If ppl are really upset of how NCWest design his events, just dont buy it and all fine. If you buy even when you know how bad are chances (I think we all know they are bad dont you?), is that an issue of ncwest?
  4. The problem to farm more than 2 spots is cooldown of jumps and kill mobs really faster. Usually you take 8-10sec to clear a spot and respawn is about 11sec for mobs. When I say clear a spot is 1shoting mobs with any skill. Its extremly rare land a multiple arrow and kill more than 5 mobs, just a bit terrain diff and your aoe will hit 1 mob.
  5. Being lv116 you have like 25% damage penalty and that is alot. If u want to farm Toi2 full aoe do you need insane gear or lvl116+ to farm there (ofc geared ppl only)
  6. There are ppl who is very good player, fast with his keyboard/mouse and smart enough to know when they have advantage and know how to use it to win. For me they are ppl with "hands" or "skills" for this game. There are ppl who have full gear, isnt important if they are rich ppl who invest a few houses or farmers who knows how to play the game. some of them have hands and others no, which of this players are u? ------ Rookie numbers for me
  7. We are talking about balance and/or how good is yul class. As I said in another topics, Yuls are OP in Top gear. Feoh's are far better in low, mid and high gear/lvl. Anyone here is talking about how much spent other players or how bad/good are they in their Real life. I think after read all ur post in this thread, right... you are an old player who still dont know how to play this game. If you really know how to play this game, you dont need to spend a house to enjoy the game.
  8. AoE: Feoh's are better here. They havent problems with terrain and his mass debuff have short cooldown. they have mass stun too. Range: Feoh's have same range than yuls A2MF: Feoh's have 2 jumps and can use Skipping kid too Survival skills: - Feoh's have barrier with 95% damage reduction and that 5% of damage taken affect only his mana - Feoh's have celestial Critical Rate: Yuls have almost the best skill critical rate (any other class can be very close too if his setup is in that route) So, at the end... yuls have better skill rate but not so good survival s
  9. im not beaten by any evis or maestro. I used evis for how cheap is making that toon a farm machine with exalted gear. This nerf mean nothing for geared yuls. so, only low/mid geared yuls will be nerfed. anyway, you are right. what we are talking is irrelevant for devs.
  10. they didnt cut anything. just fix a bug when you trying to abuse with that skill trying to kill mobs 10lvls than u. ofc that skill in a toon able to be almost perma immortal isnt enough OP right? ohh i forget it. they havent aoe with low reuse. maybe they need a few aoe skills with something close to lethal and immortal skills. pd: btw I know just 1 guy who love his damage and isnt me
  11. when they nerf maestros and evis? I seen just buffs for them in the last five years
  12. daggers still have the higher damage in single target.
  13. Irrelevant nerf for top yuls. Im still thinking mobs design is the problem here. Yuls arent the toon with the higher damage in game nor a good rate between damage/invest, but u can stack enough to 1shot almost everything and that is the problem... or maybe is working as intended haha.
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