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  1. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Im using Prestige Pack, Destiny Pack, 30-days Talismans and Epic Jewels 30-days. I hope you will give us a compensation good enough for all this time with problems. For sure find a way to solve this issues maybe take time but 1 week++?
  2. Now your targets have 45% more P. Def... Feoh's, Yuls and Daggers. Maybe in PVE we will have a bit improve in our damage. Any Othell feel like after fafurion update, your skill success has been decreased? Cheers
  3. Are you using correct gemstones? I remember a change in that... I cant remember very well but i think you need A-Grade or S-Grade Gemstones. Cheers
  4. @Juji Hello, do you have info about changes in pk system or solve pk bug? Thanks
  5. 30-days packs issue

    bah another nonsense topic. PS: I Want dragon weapons Stage3 30-days please. bye bye.
  6. Farm Guide

    So, you tried again and come here with your hands empty right? 0 merchants? 1.- I dont play this game to make money for food. Just a hobbie like few more that I have. 2.- I dont play even close to 8 hours, maybe 2-3 hours. 3.- Help ppl with something they can manage... are you trolling newbies? "hey kill dragons! like 30b each only in drops to npc!, gogogogo" or "gogogo gainak in war, you can get 1 dark eternal stone (like 300kk now)" On topic @SonOfPosseidon, which level, class and gear? depending of that we can help you. regards.
  7. Option to disable PvP

    Depends on which class are you trying to setup for afk farm thats will be easy or not. As dagger. Sure, easy... Target name of mob with "espace" with all your skills single target and some /target %self... But if you are feoh, you lose snare, mass ruin and maybe 1 aoe skill. So is not so easy make a good macro without lose you advantage as a aoe damage. Btw you are forced to use nexttarget.
  8. Farm Guide

    Just try it. Ill be w8ting for your comments. Please count your merchants
  9. Farm Guide

    If you play in naia... i think you are not being friendly with new ppl. If you can kill merchants in one-shot always, maybe you have some chance to farm one mob xd. I know what im saying.
  10. we will meet the new demonic sword system. Changes in the pk system or remove penalty will be just a little problem compared with demons sword changes... BTW, why so many ppl cry about afk macro? If NCsoft remove afk macro, less ppl for our servers... do you think ppl will be more active without macro? I think our population is ppl who have family, work and life (obviously not all ppl but a lot of our population). That poor mentality "if i can farm nothing with macro, then anyone can do it" Less cryers in forum and more ppl trying to farm something. that will help our servers...
  11. Yes. Augment is removed and you drop the item withou augment. Cheers
  12. Dagger

    1.- Dark Elf 2.- No.
  13. spoiler

    LUC only improve the change you get Lady Luck (Double spoil), anything else.
  14. This forum have rules that you must follow or just leave, sad but true. Este foro tiene reglas que debes seguir o simplemente dejar de usarlo, triste pero cierto. Saludos.
  15. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    In my tests an IMHO, full STR is the best way. Land rate of blows is affected by Vital Spot Attack Rate and I have 1500 Attack speed all time so, Dex is useless (for me). STR boost your patack and Mastery Rate, Bloodstab isnt affected by Reset (I didnt seen any reset of bloodstab in all my time as Dagger). So, Str can improve a bit your damage and full skills any little improve count. About Crits x2. In my experience, I never seen that before in a bloodstab. Im pretty sure a lot of ppl dont know about Counter Critical Buff from Drum Melody... Sure, when you have Counter Critical up, your damage is x2 in every single blow... why? as i said before... all your blows are critical