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Fishing Event, best bang for your buck for passive EXP


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I'm sure a lot of the math could of been found somewhere, I couldn't find it lol, so I just timed everything to give to you all and can see.

Normal Fishing complete Cycle: 2 Minutes
Monkey Fishing complete Cycle: 30 Seconds (4 Times faster)
Monkey Fishing also adds 16.7% more exp per tuna than you get from regular fish, and 6% more than fresh fish. Add that to VIP4 and it becomes 26% - 36.7% more exp.

The 4000 Ncoin pack of Monkey bait will last you 7 non-stop days of fishing before you run out of baits.

EXP scales with levels obviously, but tested on a level 27 characters exp results were:
Normal Fish - 874 EXP
Fresh Fish - 961 EXP
Tuna Fish - 1020 EXP

Regular Fishing (Estimated per hour exp at this level(27)): 60/2 = 30 Attempts to fish @ 903 exp = 27,090 exp / hour max if you had 100% fishing success
Tuna Fishing (Estimated per hour exp at this level(27)): 60/0.5 = 120 Attempts to fish @ 1020 exp = 122,400 exp / hour max if you had 100% fishing success

So if you're willing to throw some money at the L2Store for EXP purposes, this one isn't so bad, not to mention the Tuna you get will fund your soulshot use, or can sell to other players.


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Yes, I've been fishing overnight with Event bait and during the day while no parties are going.  It's not enough to prefer staying in town over hunting (good!) but is a nice way to get some passive % overnight.  I think the XP for this event is actually really well done.

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You should include in your calculations, that fishing without fish shots has 40% chance of success and fishing with fish shots has 80% success chance. And since fishing with tuna is pretty fast, you use quite a lot of fish shots. Here's the table from another region's classic with exp from fishing as a function of characters lvl. You can estimate by using this how much exp you'll get - https://i.imgur.com/0D88ziV.png

I calculated, that around level 50, you would get over 55kk exp for fishing for a week non-stop (while spending almost 600k on fish shots). And while it looks tempting, remember you are spending 4000 NCoins on it. You can get 1 month 50% Rune for the same price. And after a month of farming with it, you'll get MUCH more than 55kk extra. Obviously you can buy both and get a profit ;)

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