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Hello guys, I recently trig to back to game. I know this question sound like common but its not about most needed class or best for PvE or PVP.

Im rather calm player, but i wont spend thousands to feel enjoy of playing


The question is :
What is the cheapest class to play. 

Ill be glad for all of your ideas and opinions. 

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In my opinion the cheapest is ISS and a Healer. You can hit lvl 99 even in the dynasty set and paulina's weapon you received at lvl 76 for the 3rd class transfer (exchange mentor diplomas for free shots and not immortal gear, you can use R shots with the 30day paulina's R-grade). Later on, you can invest in an eternal set, a weapon with HP SA boost (doesn't have to be over-enchanted, or not even R99 for that matter) and some other things that will improve your survival ability like CON Dyes etc.

As for DDs, wynns are rather cheap until lvl 99, but after that horror begins so I would not recommend it.

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