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New players i feel your pain...


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When i leveled up my main i avoided popular spots because i was Glad and couldnt really contest with other players/bots.

Now when i am leveling a prophet solo i have to kill undead monsters and i have arrived in the infamous Execution Grounds.
Dear GOD, 5-10 elemental summoners bots on each platform killing endless waves of mobs with minimum effort.
Thank god i am a caster and i can atleast get some mobs. Imagine the horrors new players who don't know where they need to go see's this kind of shit. Especially if they play melee DD.
Whether its in Plains of dion or Execution grounds.

Now i finally understand all people that complains here on the forum...
Rip all the newbies who doesn't know where they can actually find mobs avaliable.

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I aggree with you.  I farm at execution grounds too on 3rd floor and the situation is now disgusting....I am an elven knight and till i get to the mob, it has been  already slain by a bot.
I dont think there are many good places (easy ones) without any bots...and if there are...they will not be so easy to farm soneone alone without any help from buffer....
So, the situation has become  completely insane.Its like NCsoft tells you that if you are not a bot you cant farm.
What's the point here? :D 

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