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Fishing Random Disconnection


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So for the past 2 weeks, any account I have fishing, randomly D/C’s throughout the day. 

I own 9 accounts and have most of them logged in, sometimes 2-3 of them are fishing, the others are just standing around outside of town at my farming spot.  After going to sleep or coming back home from work, the ones fishing in Aden are always D/C’ed, but the ones standing around afk are still in game.  This cannot be coincidence due to the sheer number of times it has happened.  Every fisher D/C’s while the nonfishing chars stay in and perfectly fine.

I wouldn’t care that much, but I did buy 20k monkey bait on 3 of the chars.  How can we possibly play and fish that amount of bait, if the D/C’s always happen like this?

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