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  1. nm, read that wrong, haven't tried making new acct in long time.
  2. If there was an alternate way to get rose/clan points I would 100% agree
  3. I'd say to his face, or any ones, exactly what I type. Maybe that wasn't directed at me, but let me ask, what are you grateful for from this paid service? 18 hours of silence? Lies about Korea controlling everything? Lag, disconnect, I'm actually ok with the unscheduled restarts as they thought they had something, scam "events" Lies about keepin an eye on greedy chests? Do you know him personally, to say he's doing the best he can, because from what I see, and what I pay for, he's doing little to nothing. If he came here with ANYTHING 12 hours ago, half these posts wouldn't exist.
  4. Even more sad, they probably don't even know what we are talking about.
  5. Skills clicked on auto use are now just randomly shutting off, abundance, dragon shirt, minds eye, etc, just went to screen and saw all skills ready and willing.
  6. no, I won't accept If that's his best, we are screwed I'm sorry dude, that was the worst post you've ever made
  7. You must be tired of us, give us the email/phone numbers to talk to the next in line.
  8. Still not a word, kid you not, the worst customer service ever.
  9. so much truth here. sell your ncoin to hero for crappy adena just to buy over priced item off same hero be cause the gamble risk is too much.
  10. my 5 mentee have ascending numbers in their names to help keep track of what acct they on, not sure what server you're talkin but chronos isn't really a bot fest unless you call camera's bots, then I get it.
  11. I would recommend any1 that lost a cake put in a support ticket to have it returned, when thousands of these tickets pour in, some 1 will have to raise their hand.
  12. It's still my opinion Korea has no idea about this on going problem and the only way a flag is gonna go up is when that revenue graph starts dropping dramatically.
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