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  1. The bad graphics are the same, we can just afford better monitors now.
  2. Sorry, not buying it, no way you are NOT having adena problems, tell me how the average player is gonna buy a +9 level 3 with farmed adena? On top of all the other gear you'll need to xp in LoA.
  3. Banned on a tune for no reason.

    I've never won the lottery so I guess no 1 has, that's logic.
  4. Banned on a tune for no reason.

    Any1 who says they've played for 10+ years without knowing any legit banned is a liar. It's happened to me, it's happened to some of my alts, it's happened to my past cp members. Back then there was actual support so I got all my toon but 1 back, most of my friends did too. So to say you never knew anyone, you probably played solo or never talk to large number of other players.
  5. Giran ~help needed

    it is
  6. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    Actually that seems reasonable seeing those toons were botted up, time for them to open their wallets also.
  7. Fix adena!!!

    You are kinda right here, but unfortunately you will never amount to anything in this game playing like that. You can't be in your 40's while the rest are in their 60-80's. If you wanna play leisurely that's fine, but it's an incredibly boring game to play like that. If you're not focusing on 1 character, you are really just wasting your time IMO.
  8. no surprise your eyes are closed
  9. 5 days banned without support

    That amount of time is unacceptable. It's amazing when ya ask to have your ncoin cap lifted by a ticket it's almost immediate but a simple problem takes over a week. I give you credit if you actually start playing again.
  10. Giran - crashing today?

    EXACTLY!!!! Before I couldn't wait to get home from work to play, now I can't wait till server works so I can play. O.K., guess that's not exactly the same thing......
  11. 200$ of pendants

  12. it's a level 1? I wouldn't even wear that.
  13. The Wishing Potion Quest

    unfortunately no
  14. Hime is an Inactive Member?

    How is it that you're so fast to comment on something so useless as this but can't respond to you community? This game is going down the chitter at an alarming rate and you tell us you changed your email!
  15. What bothers me the most are the level 65+ bots with red weapons and highly over enchanted ones botting in blazing swamp and other high level areas not even trying to hide it. I'm busting my ass for that xp and they are out at the pub checking on their bots every 5 hrs.