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    We can't even get a castle siege and you're asking for custom pvp event? Don't get me wrong, I like your ideas but will never happen/
  2. after the first siege when level 76 are aoe killing entire parties, I think the population will be halved. Too much truth in this thread.
  3. STOP CRY..!!

    With no level cap. starting over is a waste of time, you'll never catch up, if you don't need to catch up cuz your a casual player, well, you don't matter to the server anyways. Playing 7-8 hours a day? Jesus, get a life! You created a post called stop crying, sounds to me you are crying. And just because you were banned while a shop or fishing, doesn't mean that's when you violated the rules, some many things wrong in this post. OK, off to work, gotta buy them Ncoin.
  4. When you walk through life with blindfolds on, you tend not to see much.
  5. First week playing? Must be, I've had legit accts banned and know many others also. Some got them back, some didn't. Any one who says they never saw a legit banned probably botted all their levels and never interacted with other real players.
  6. Note

    where'd my other post go?
  7. 30 Day XP/SP Rune

    Tell them you wanted to grind an extra 60kk xp at level 55 and now that ya don't need to, the hardcore experience has been ruined for you.
  8. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    The point is, ya shouldn't have to!!! Ya didn't a week ago. I live in the states, works at home but not a few miles away, I'm not downloading a separate program to be able to play a game. If I do, it will be adrenaline at this point, seems it's allowed. .
  9. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    This was me on saturday
  10. Level cap

    skills are NOT capped at 70
  11. Note

    I don't believe a thing you just said!
  12. fishing

    You mean your toon is standing there going thru the actions but you can't see a pole? That's gotta look pretty funny. Perhaps you had 1 in your warehouse and that's the 1 that expired so you're still fishing away with a different 1?
  13. hey, will you come do my job for no pay while I still get paid too?