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  1. It's pretty sad that for the longest time, the only thing that ever dropped were weapon/armor appearance scrolls and now they are completely removed.
  2. Main class change

    any word if we will get this? I'm betting no nm, i honestly don't care, it's too late, all the good reasons before don't pertain any longer
  3. How to Deal with the Letdown After XP Event

    I ran an extension cord to my neighbors house last night so now I don't have to waste electricity afk 'till something comes along to do.
  4. true post.. 2 results both with high chance should = 50% chance! Truth is, if some1 hired a lawyer, yes, nc would be screwed, but so would we, because the game would shut down. Most people playing are too lazy to actually get motivated and do something about it. Many, many times I failed enchanting a skill with 98% success rate, sometimes in a row, luckiest man in the world I guess? Support doesn't know L2 from angry birds, I don't mean Juji/hime support, I mean tickets. I reported seriouse bug and they had no idea what I was talking about, after several tickets, I gave up, the npc still gives wrong item and isn't working as intended. IMO they need to lower the prices, a lot, 50-80%, so market gets flooded with the crap noobies need and wales buy twice as much till they get that dragon claw or w/e. And rezzz is right, staff hiding under their desks because soon as upper management gets wind, those desks will be emptied, so I understand, do nothing and get paid, who wouldn't.
  5. just remove the limit all together, shouldn't be that hard
  7. Token Based Policy

    Can't believe I'm quoting you but I agree 100%, it's too late to crystalize the done weapons as they may have changed hands, but draw the line now, it doesn\t happen by mistake and it 1 in 1000 do happen by mistake, let gm investigate the 1% If found abusing, remove the crystals from player also
  8. L2 Store and event prices

    also, @105 I chose the wrong chaos skills and it cost 100 mill to reset them, I earned 130 mill along my ways to 105, there's a bunch of examples like this
  9. A Herb???

    this, now I get the same crappy xp but I can self buff and not rose, nothing to speed things up though.
  10. MP regeneration problems

    Nope, now there are 2 separate mp bugs, not the same, I don't think the new 1 has been reported, not that it matters
  11. think you responded to the wrong post. nothing was done and a new update was released meaning nothing will be done or it would of been already.
  12. 107 dagger w/ pretty good gear, this helps me none. I kill plenty fast, xp just sucks ass. Move to harder mobs and xp just barely better, thats not gonna let me catch up. Any1 110 or under should get a base boost of 500% to get them caught up. Sell the rune idc, but like this, all the unhappy people will not stay, you solved nothing.
  13. I also wonder, I haven't heard of any bigwigs being banned on Chronos or other penalty. Honestly, I think they took too long and they can't/wont do anything except looking forward.
  14. Extension on Letters event

    TY, 2 more weeks of not being able to change class for crap rewards.
  15. MP regeneration problems

    YES, AND NOT THE KNOWN MP BUG!! Several mornings I have woken up and found toons died from mobs because I ran out of mp. This never happened before update and only happens 5% of the time now after update. Yesterday my archer ran prob 15 hours, solo, in BS, at 1 point I look and regen just enough mp to use 1 skill then empty. Still trying to figure out what is causing it. I didn't run out of items or buffs or any of that so don't bother telling us to check blah blah blah, it's a 2nd MP bug.