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  1. dim server? does any1 even care about that any more?
  2. it's moronic, we been complaining for years, I have a screen shot of I think 6 different cocktails in my inven at once, and we wonder why we can't change to our dual. At this point in game, there is very little reason to have any, (well, most) consumables time restricted. The answer to your question is no. Put the time limited ones first, next the ones you can use up fastest, etc etc.
  3. Holy chit, you're right, they actually bored Mixa to death!
  4. To get a +15 or higher cloak, you need to wait for some1 w/ one to quit, at the rate we are going, the market will be flooded in a week or 2.
  5. they already have 10+ accounts each, no reason to ever buy more, would only hurt people trying to catch up
  6. yes ask a vague question you get a vague answer
  7. ya, seems hopeless, i'm done spending, which usually leads to not playing because lets face it, theres almost nothing left to "play." the people who took breaks will never catch up, so they won't be back, no new players will not put up with this, it's really sad. Broken classes, broken items, broken market, broken GM's, pvp system broken, war system broken, buggy, out dated, christ, classic doesn't even resemble the game I remembered. New update? New area is over run w/ top player's alt's usually w/ better gear then 80% of the rest of players, swamp, the best xp doable by most players ti
  8. so true, they bore you to death so before ya know, the only thing left to do is consider enchanting, knowing damn well, it is gonna fail, always. trying 300 scrolls on a shirt/bracelet/what ever is torture, not fun.
  9. Got my rare ari 2nd day they came out, rare dagger 1a few days later, haven't seen another rare after, on any acct, rates were def nerfed. Pretty sure the randomness even has been removed from the game. 9 out of 10 births I predicted ahead of time.
  10. "Hey look, the entire community is fed up and threatening to leave, lets throw them an xp event to shut them up and they will forget the server state is dead for a few more weeks." kinda tired of this, spend money on xp items for what? Gain another level and still have nothing to do, nothing to upgrade without risking hundreds of dollars on a failed upgrade? I took 2 years off and completely regret returning and thinking there was a chance of the game being what I remembered. This is a disgusting service for unhealthy addicts, some just haven't realized it yet, still in denial.
  11. You didn't read, you only read what you wanted to hear, wake up! It's not the spamming of skills that's the concern, that can be accomplished w/ a penny in keyboard and is allowed. Having F1-F12 all different macros and having an out of game product pressing those "keys" in different orders w/ different timers is when you have automated your game.
  12. Recipe seller in Heine sells the mysterious ss/spirit recipe, take a fort for the mp regen, in like 5 mins you'll have 1kk weightless ss, yes I pay more to have them weightless because the aggravation of running out outweighs the extra cost for me. Sometimes I forget not everyone thinks this way. In a jam i drop 100 ncoin for 500k ss and don't look back.
  13. wait tilll you're in ToI and some parasite runs in and steals the rune stone ya didn't notice yet
  14. i guess if your afk and didn't realize how few shots ya had it could save you till ya get back and can restock, thats the sort of chit we should be getting in these daily boxes
  15. pretty cool, I'll grab 1 when prices drop, can't hurt, thanks
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