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  1. You're right, I'm a moron, sorry to waste your time. I
  2. Who's watching it? 100% of the 190k views are players, old players, and FUTURE players.
  3. Most of you miss the point here, no surprise. Not gonna waste my time explaining real life. Your right, no 1 watches youtube.
  4. Might be on youtube, my bad, but still, good stuff, thats their advertising
  5. We Need This PK System On Live

    Figure it out, that's what the rest of us did. Punched a hole in the wall once after dropping my full plate boots.
  6. Craft R grade stuff, possible or not?

    Craftin was pretty much removed and recipes learned, even expensive ones, were removed for peoples books. R110 is the way to go, nc pretty much destroyed the value of anything lower grade.
  7. I wasn't gonna do this, but after the lack of respect I've been seeing on forums and no respond to the numerous emails I've sent to headquarters, I'll share here what I watched on Netfilx the other day, Death of a video game (Lineage 2) Netflix You guys managed to run this game so far into the ground, there is a 1 hour special based on how bad this game has got. Mainstream TV!!!!! I see a few faces in it I recognize. I'll say it again, the only marketing L2 has is this forum full of unhappy customers and now a 1 hour show about how bad things really are. Enjoy.
  8. This has got to be the worst game in history to play solo, why bother?
  9. 107+ if you wanna keep up and survive
  10. The fact I'm getting penalty for being in a party in a mmo is mind numbing.

    Do not reset, everyone knew better!
  12. LF a tank and healer to do dailies, swamp twice a day, regular xp, and other shenanigans. EST time, starting around 5pm. Good gear required. English speaking, willing to drop some ncoin, but most of all, lf fun again. Message here or better yet, mail iDegus with credentials.
  13. ISS Enchanter

    Playable w/o active iss, yes, ideal, hell no. You're all forgetting you are supposed to play this game, not pick your circle of mobs, right click and come back 6 hrs later. It's a support class, not a dd. you aren't suppose to go out on your own and smash mobs. As for changing dual to maim, never happened and probably never will.
  14. War System

    War should not activate on siege field, that's just stupid mechanics. We used to lose xp on siege field too, guess what, no 1 went.
  15. ISS Enchanter

    I would spend 23kk to not have to share my xp for 24 hours, np! Yes, Iss buffs are better, but sometimes ya dont need better, mobs only spawn so fast. Another problem is the cocktails, I'm not gonna bring an Iss to IoS, I'd rather pop a cocktail. I can see how an active Iss would start to worry.