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  1. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    Who's the real cowards here? Lets look at this. Is it the guy who spent a small fortune to hit 114 with dw and all the buzzers and whistles starting war w/ 108-109 average gear people not allowing them the chance to ever close the gap hiding in light castle or the guy who plays smart and decides to pvp on their own terms and gain a sliver of xp over night? I do realize there are some exceptions but the norm is the later. IMO
  2. LUC & Fishing

    unless something has changed, I don't believe luck has anything to do with fishing. Does lady luck ever proc while your fishing?
  3. Cube of gratitude

    the sign, on the back of the van, says "critters of hollywood" ...................................................
  4. Cube of gratitude

    IT SAYS 1 PER ACCT!!!!!!
  5. What talisman can be bought

    longing/insanity epic talisman talisman o protection fort talisman heavenly talisman +5 stat 2 hour talisman wind talisman there's a few, I'm sure I missed some
  6. 14 members clan ?

    Any other rules you wanna change to mold the game around how you wanna play it?
  7. This is Exploit?(Chronos)

    It's been discussed to death, look up the meaning of exploit, this is the exact opposite! People that didn't drop 100 grand on their toon want to still xp and improve their toon, not get 1 shot for 6 mill while afk and dc 1 hour later. Same reason these "pvp clans" don't go dark castle. We had hours of pvp the other night w/ no wars, learn to adapt. Really just seems you wanna kill afk people and see your name in blue.
  8. The restoration policy should go. 99% of people using this knew what they were doing, I'm no angel. But now it's slowing down real tickets and causing other issues we probably are being told for obvious reasons. It wasn't meant to be a free attempt to over enchant your weapon w/ no fear of losing it, that's not what L2 was ever about. Just assume every weapon in ah has already been restored.
  9. Woke up to all my toon's dc. This NEVER happens. 2 pc's, 15 miles apart, all dc.
  10. Still No Red Libra???!!!???

    Here's a better solution, * all these kids demanding a service that used to never exist and actually messed up more of the game then ever helped. Delete red libra event and don't bring it back.
  11. They do that so when you bleep off your spouse and she deletes your character while your sleeping on the couch you have time to UN-delete it. p.s. my deleted toons take a day, your was maybe higher level? something doesn't add up here.
  12. Same, I got 2, skills were all +10 like 8 years ago, get that shit out of the rewards, give 10 rose instead, something useful to everyone!!
  13. Promo Mistake

    not really, price of belt just plummited
  14. Extreme low Rates on suspicious box

    If you like spending 4x more on dragon pots and rose then they are worth, then this is the event of a lifetime!!!!!