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  1. and in another year there will be a cloak herb that drops from mobs
  2. Really? Cuz I dont wanna add a toon to my party leaching exp just to pick up, and what good is it out of party if I dont get the buffs that drop? and when my pet picks up for me, it gets the buff but not I. Guess I'm a lamer, unless you have other ideas?
  3. No new server, no merge! Never mind all the corrupt gear over there, the time zones and clan halls would never work. New server would be farmers and bots until there was another merge. If there are 1000 mentee on now causing lag, imagine 2000 mentee.
  4. I JUST SAID, " I'VE DONE IT MANY TIMES!" If you don't want to risk it i understand, but I did.
  5. This is simple not true, it's either 50 or 60%, I have done it many times.
  6. The days of crafting are over, unfortunately, use the ether to make armor stones and sell those, stop buying/upgrading R99! A +8 R110 set is so much better, do you need to glow blue that bad? A +6 set MIGHT even be better, (I'd have to look to be 100% sure). R99 weapons missing 150 element, that's HUGE! When I returned to game, I had enough old crafting packs where I collected enough ether to craft a bow, it failed, never again.
  7. Ya can't bloody/dark on non-blessed armor any more? I know ya used to be able to, dunno if changed.
  8. I never dc, over the last few days I can't say that any more. Last night 2/3 of them dc, 2 party members missing when I woke, melee lag is terrible and even noticeable on archer.
  9. Whats gonna break up your grind? a mob that will be 1 shot by the time you find it?
  10. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea, and who approved it? Sometimes I feel like I'm on a reality show to see how people react when others just constantly do things backwards or straight out wrong. 1 per acct, what is wrong with you guys? You would of sold me 6 packs, but you managed to sell me none. Think of how many others are thinking the exact same thing!!!
  11. I don't think it's even Juji logging in his user name anymore, same w/ Hime, user names the same but person at the pc is not. Guy will probably tell you to buy inventory expansion item w/ ncoin.
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