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  1. nope, o interest, sry, i wish they'd remove the auto farm button all together
  2. If they were smart they would swap out the brooch for another needed item and sell another grp package of consumables so we have pots for the xp event and newer toons can get these impossible to upgrade items.
  3. you think these people are farming all this adena on 1 acct? you know there are already 10 hr limits on ToI yes? people are already bored so they make more 110's to farm more adena, how will prices go down?
  4. how about a 150 bill dark bead, lmfao! nice game
  5. actually, in the real world there are people who look for loop holes in things like this just to sue. support is outsourced and have no clue as to what we are talking about, the same people are probably also support for pet shampoo or somethin stupid, not gamers, prob same people trying to sell you extended warranted on your used car. Point is, they are wrong, every one knows it, now curious as what they do because you're a victim of bait and switch.
  6. me? no, Im agreeing with ya, I'm not gonna run 6 accounts to farm 2-3 books a week, thats not fun, not a game, not worth tying up my pc. I do crisis every day on my main, thats enough. I think the problem for us veterans is they turned this into an afk/farm game and thats not what many of us are here for.
  7. reply "the box does not say check website for more details" lawyers love that chit. done, there is no case, you won, period.
  8. Send Juji a private message, I didnt see the in game box, but if what you are saying is true, actually, I'm gonna shut up now because the more I think about it, every one who got 1 of those boxes needs to send him a private message.
  9. your idea of playing L2 is not the same as mine, by far
  10. Pimp has a good point, sure players may have hundreds of billions of adena but some people, like me, wont pay 100 mill for a rose, I can, but principles won't let me. If dawn crystals were cheaper I'd start upgrading my iss's things too, but I won't pay these prices, I can, but I won't.
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