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  1. between both those tests, I'm not gonna waste my time, ty all for the info.
  2. I have patk on flash, its like a 3 second buff if it triggers, half the time, if not more, nothing happens w/ it, I honestly don't notice any difference but maybe its just not that noticeable, no idea on decoy.
  3. As I'm not sure I agree here, there are some valid points every one made, didn't have time last night but I'll try to do a better test today after work. Happy to take any advice on the skill/target to hit. Remember, +10 is easy to change so trying to stick with that. What about the training dummies on talking island, good target?
  4. I can run another test tonight on a 112 full geared, let ya know what I come up with, still will only be +10, dunno how much that matters.
  5. I just did a test last week, fresh 105 archer, pinpoint leveled to +10. I had tons of the green books to swap +10 so I stayed w/ that number. I did 20 shots w/ break learned and compared to 20 shots with power learned at a naked 118. Now, like you said, every one was telling me break, but the test showed power was doing a lot more damage, almost 50% more. Does this change as the +++ goes up on the skill, I can not answer that. A lot of top archers won't tell you their view, I'd love to get some other points of view. BUt after the test, I went with power.
  6. I wouldn't go that far, but yes, programs work and staff knows this. I think the new anti-bot did more harm then good, it didn't stop the bots but it blocks several remote programs, not just vm.
  7. here's the thing, when I used to do my faction, you had to play live because war tags were hunting you, that added real pvp to the game, also if they interrupted you, ya had to be strategic to get them done or miss out on the reward for the day, now its sure, you killed my afk, but I really don't care because the afk xp sucks anyways. an mmo needs goal to achieve over long periods of time to keep the interest of the player, right now, we have nothing, even pushing for the next level, who really cares, if you're lucky that might remove an xp penalty from a new area or higher level players, but
  8. come on really? what now, we wait another week for you to TRY something eles, if you even did anything in the first place? maybe extend the event another week cuz i'm not spending chit till this is fixed and I need 350$ of ncoin!
  9. ok, lets listen to you, you repeat everything already said and then tell us you barely play your dual, why would anyone take that advice? too bad dual archer can't share gear to save money like the first response said, ohh wait.....
  10. and why should you, god forbid their main page is up to date.
  11. how can you tell? mine doesn't atk or seem to take damage.
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