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Why I vote Lineage 2 as The Best MMORPG ever created..


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Some even call it addictive; some flat out admit they are “addicted”..

Us humans know what makes us “feel” good (euphoria). I don’t need to list them. You all know what make you feel good, so I’ll skip them. However, the same thing cannot be said for the opposite. Fear (stress) is a powerful emotion so complex that most people don’t grasp the magnitude of its significance and importance. Reason why most people are blind to the stress in real life is because society teaches us to become numb to it as we grow older.


Ok.. Enough boring intro.. Let’s jump straight into the 5 main component that makes this game truly unique and excellent

1.       Anonymity (Freedom to express socially without much consequences: your real life identity can be undisclosed if choose to be. Provides privacy and sense of security)

2.      Freedom to trade almost everything in game (Buy and Sell, Greed and Fear)

3.      Social interactions (brotherhood and the opposing enemies, hierarchy and the contestants, strong and the weak, rich and the poor, risk takers and the conservatives, the noble and the jealous, zen masters and the lost souls, kill players at will or protect its people, explorers and the city rats, organic wealth creators and the RMTers, agreements and the disagreements, cause and effect…)

4.      Currency driven virtual economy (This one sounds familiar!)

5.      Randomness (RNG mechanism)


Lineage 2 mimics the real world very closely. The game was created by the Koreans who its people in the history, have gone through the war times. Namely, the World War 2 and the Korean civil war. Lineage 2 portrays the hustle life that most Koreans had to live through during the war times and rebuild its economy from scratch. It was a hard grind and hustle that made the Koreans where they are today. Look at Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia. So the game designers contributed a lot of their “live hard grind hard” philosophy into creating this great game.


In conclusion, I believe Lineage 2 is the best game ever created because it provides the true freedom no other games make it available. There are no consequences for players in expressing their true emotions. So what’s left? Only the true emotions. This is what births the true dramas and the true entertainment in Lineage 2.

Thanks for reading


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In conclusion:

A: you are 10 years old, or B: you have not really played other MMOs, or C: you are high and just trolling...

Everything you listed is pretty much found in every MMO, maybe except the RNG. Here are few things I like better in other games for example: housing, Tera's combat system, character customization, SKINS, group dungeons where you are forced to group and socially interact which makes dual and triple boxing useless, and if I give it a thought I might come up with few more. I do love L2, but mostly only because it was my first MMO and it has a special place in my heart :)

I also wish there were no consequences in expressing my true emotions, there are so many times I want to say few things in game, but I am pretty sure I will get a temp ban incoming :). Also you can test this by creating a character with an offensive name... Done that, did not last long!

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