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drama kids


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First of all I want yall complaining about p2w to quit. Just do It, Stop crying around and leave. I sure most of the ppl complain do some kind of RMT so, why cant ucant afford buying pendants with cash buy with adena.  spot your rmt and spend some Ncoins ?
i spent less than 4kk(Adena) to make a pendant lv4. so if u cant afford buy ncoins there is always a way so just Stop crying and leave the game.


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Seriously... why pendant sale is for one month? if they are perma. Why you can't farm them? So it's not Pay to win?  What If I'm not some person that  wants spending money to be awesome within a game , but rather farm , grind my way up? Now It looks if I must sacrifice adena , buy from people that actually spent real money to buy pendants. And ok , If u're F2P player how u get more pendants to combine? 1 is free and the rest? I don't mind if  they could be untradable and u could get  for free daily. And then try your RNG. Now what it is really unbalanced stuff.

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